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Product manager going over the vision for the product The Many Facets of a Product Manager’s Role

It’s a misconception that product managers work only with stakeholders to define a product’s roadmap. Instead, a good product manager empowers the entire team to deliver on their roles within the project constraints, with the end goal of an impactful product. To do that, they ask the team these crucial questions.

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The Tester as Product Owner

A lot of the bugs we find were never thought through in the first place. Many of these situations are preventable, yet instead of prevention, we get the tester playing the role of the product owner—and playing it late. Why is it that we never have time to do it right, but we always have time to do it over?

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Matthew Heusser
Hiring Technology Product Managers: The Latest

Scott Sehlhorst looks at an analysis of how companies are posting requirements for hiring new technology product managers in the US—including the trend of placing more importance on domain experience than product management experience.

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Scott Sehlhorst
Book Review: The Human Side of Agile

Being agile is difficult. Not only are there technical and organizational challenges, but the very nature of the way agile methods work brings the assumptions, context, and fears of team members to the foreground. These people issues are explored in Gil Broza’s book, The Human Side of Agile.

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Steve Berczuk
Become a Better Product Manager: Your Project Deserves It

Becoming a better product manager is something you never stop doing. As you get better, your work will improve, your satisfaction with your work will increase, and opportunities to do even better work will come. Scott Sehlhorst sums up how to invest in becoming a better product manager.

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Scott Sehlhorst