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Robot playing a piano Robotic Process Automation in Software Testing

Robotic process automation (RPA) systems develop a list of actions to automate a task by watching a user perform that task in the application's GUI, and then repeating those tasks directly in the GUI. But RPA tools differ from other tools because they can handle data among multiple applications—including for testing.

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Mukesh Sharma
RoboBee Can the IoT Help Save the Bees?

More than one-third of all crops in the US require insect pollination, and managed honey bee colonies are our main resource. According to the US Department of Agriculture, beekeepers have been steadily losing colonies, but the IoT may be able to help with some interesting projects.

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Pamela Rentz
Toyota's Human Support Robot Coming Soon: Personal In-Home Robots

Toyota is developing personal helper robots, and it recently got one step closer to making them commercially available by conducting the first in-home trial in North America. This robot can fetch, carry, open doors, and pick things up off the floor, helping people with limited mobility be more independent.

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Beth Romanik