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A software professional about to sign a contract Be Careful What You Ask For: Contract Considerations for New Projects

In a new project, there are always going to be challenges and delays, and when the end date is looming, you may be tempted to rush through the contracting and procurement process. But that can have dire consequences down the line if roles, responsibilities, and expectations aren't clear. Take the time to communicate.

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Payson Hall
When You Provide Good Service, Performance Metrics Are Your Friend

Not all production support organizations have (or want) formal agreements describing the level of service they will provide to their customers. But if your organization generally provides good service, SLAs and the metrics they encourage can be excellent communication tools for your stakeholders.

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Payson Hall
The Dirty Secret about Cloud Service Level Agreements

Has your cloud service provider had an outage that affected your users or business? If so, you are not alone. As more companies turn to the cloud for its flexibility, cloud service providers owe it to their customers to provide services to match reasonable expectations for quality and reliability.

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Beth Cohen
How Test Teams Can Help with Service Level Agreements

Testing teams are not new to service level agreements (SLAs)—they have traditionally used various measurement techniques and metrics to objectively gauge a product’s quality and readiness to ship. Rajini Bharath explains how test teams can help an organization achieve a successful SLA roll out.

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Rajini Padmanaban