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Virtual reality Keep Up with Changing Technology by Making Learning a Priority

Many organizations are constantly adopting or integrating new technology, with the goal of remaining competitive. But there are so many new platforms and methods being created that it’s impossible to keep up with them all. Michael Sowers shares some tips that have helped him stay current with changing technology.

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Michael Sowers
open dictionary Sideways: A Tech Dictionary for Everyone

The Sideways Dictionary is a cool new resource to bookmark. Sideways is like a dictionary, but it's way more interesting. Created by Google’s technology incubator Jigsaw, it uses analogies and metaphors, instead of dry definitions, to explain techno-jargon.

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Pamela Rentz
Is It Possible to Stay Ahead of Technology Shifts?

Staying ahead of technology shifts is one of the key challenges that organizations face, but is it possible to always stay ahead? Anuj Magazine highlights how some of the top companies have succeeded and failed to stay ahead of technology shifts, including Microsoft, Cisco, Nokia, Apple, and Google.

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Anuj Magazine
Autocorrect Fail! The Much-Needed Evolution for This Technology

One feature many of us rely on daily is autocorrect. We have all probably experienced the positive and negative sides of autocorrect, and from our experiences with the negative, there are some elements and features we should consider to improve the future evolution of this technology.

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Mukesh Sharma
Using Technology to Make Better Educational Assessments

Technology's usefulness for assessment in schools today is not limited to Scantron machines. There are many powerful (and free) tools available. How can we shift to an environment in which technology is used in support of high-quality assessments that are meaningful for both teachers and students?

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David Miller
New Technologies Help Diagnose—and Prevent—Sports Injuries

New technology is helping in the prevention of sports injuries by facilitating better practice and training sessions, educating players on game fundamentals, and inventing new protective gear. Innovative mouth-guards and wearables gather performance data and can even help prevent brain injuries.

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Bharathan Venka...
Exercise Care in Using Big Data for Sports Coverage

Big data is expected to revolutionize sports and strengthen its industry. However, there is also a dark side to big data, where businesses place too much faith on the analysis, and other challenges around its security, ownership, and curation. It's increasingly important to ensure the data quality.

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Bharathan Venka...
Blending the Physical and Digital Worlds

In the last few years we've seen the physical and digital worlds blend together for fun video game consoles, but this technology is now stretching into domains beyond sports and entertainment. It has great potential to affect business, education, the Internet of Things, and augmented reality.

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Mukesh Sharma