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Analyzing the Technology Lifecycle

In the IT world, we often hear about product lifecycles and what it takes to envision, develop, and maintain a product over its lifecycle. More specifically, we hear about its subsets, such as the software testing lifecycle. But one thing that we don’t often hear about is the technology lifecycle.

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Rajini Padmanaban
High-Tech Sports Broadcasts Deliver a Whole New Ballgame

High-tech cameras are improving how sports are watched and played. Whether it is tracking plays, recording with previously unheard-of precision and accuracy, or providing a whole new depth to game analytics, these cameras are changing the overall sporting experience—for athletes, coaches, and fans.

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Bharathan Venka...
How Technology Is Changing the Entire Game of Football

Technology continues to make greater inroads in the world of sports, particularly football. Microsoft’s Surface tablet is being evaluated for use by the NFL to rewatch plays and review referees' calls in detail. But critics are saying technology may be intervening too much and ruining the game.

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Mukesh Sharma
The Many New Forces Driving Who Becomes Your Next CIO

This is a fascinating time to observe the role of CIO due to the many important forces simultaneously driving CIO selection criteria in different directions. The combination of data security and new IT trends may lead to the hiring of CIOs with a tech background first and business knowledge second.

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Eric Bloom
Blended Reality Could Be the Next Big Thing

Blended reality can be most easily described as a tech-powered sixth sense. In order to harness this additional sense, you need to wear or be implanted with some piece of technology that speaks to a computer. HP's new Sprout touch-based computer is one of the first to make use of this concept.

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Josiah Renaudin
Automation and Ethics: The Human Side of Technology

Automation technology is becoming more prevalent, and while it brings convenience, it also introduces some moral quandaries. Someone has to decide what the devices will do when things go wrong. What are the ethical responsibilities of software developers and testers working on these projects?

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Heather Shanholtzer
Are Tech Companies Keeping Up with the Digitization of Data?

We are living in a world where digital data is booming. Architectures and technologies also have been rapidly evolving to keep up with the exponential growth of data by creating a new big data species. This story walks through prospective technologies that have already proven their effectiveness.

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Serhiy Haziyev
The Race to Smartwatch Supremacy

In an attempt to compete with Google and Apple, Pebble, which Kickstarted one of the first smartwatches two years ago, is dropping its prices and adding new functionality. The company will have to continue to push, though, if it hopes to remain relevant in this now competitive industry.

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Josiah Renaudin