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IT Management and Software Dominate Most Hated Professions—Why?

After learning that software QA engineers have the happiest job in the US, and then failing to see many other software related jobs in the top ten, or even the top twenty, you may have wondered where those other positions ranked. Unfortunately, we found them.

CareerBliss, the same group that deemed QA engineers the happiest, recently came out with their top ten most hated jobs, and nearly half of them are computer related. Not everyone is going to have the same opinion, of course, but with hundreds of thousands of workers surveyed, and a variety of criteria used, it’s hard to ignore than many people feel the same way about their jobs in the computer and software industries.

Number One Most Hated Job: Director of Information Technology

Like QA Engineers, IT Directors are generally paid a respectable salary, but as it has been shown many times in the past, generous pay is hardly enough to bear the full responsibility of keeping someone happy in the workplace. With general feelings of disrespect for coworkers, nepotism, and cronyism, it’s not hard to see why one should caution going into IT managament as a profession.

The Rest of the List

Senior Web Developers come in at number four, as a result of one of the most common frustrations of any employee—poor communication from employers. Without open, honest, and regular communication between departments and/or upper management, the grumblings start and workers end up being unhappy, even in a highly skilled and often financially rewarded position.

At number five, Technical Specialists also reported dissatisfaction from a serious lack of communication and feeling that their “input was not taken seriously.” Feeling directly responsible for the product that a company puts out was one of the primary benefits that QA engineers expressed in their satisfaction with their positions. It’s easy to see how the absence of this type of gratification results in such a vast difference of job happiness.

Technical Support Analysts have the eighth most hated job and the reasons why aren’t surprising. From required regular travel with little to no notice, to dealing with frustrating issues that are often the result of a lack of computer knowledge by individuals – the perks of the job are few according to those polled in CareerBliss’ study.

Is your profession here in the top 10 most hated jobs? Do you agree with CareerBliss’ findings? Let us know in the comments section below!

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