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What We Gain from Knowledge Sharing

It’s a common belief that the best way to learn is to teach others. In this age of distributed workplaces, global communities, and twenty-four-hour-a-day accessibility (thank you, smartphones), expanding our own knowledge by educating others has never been easier.

While physically traveling to industry conferences is professionally advantageous and a great way to gain and share knowledge through networking, for those who can’t take the time away from the office or whose budgets don’t permit travel, the Internet provides the perfect environment for both teaching and learning. 

Whether you are looking to share been-there-done-that advice with and from your peers, you are new to the software industry and need a mentor, or you seek to build a reputation in your field, there are plenty of ways and reasons to learn, connect, and share knowledge

As social/open business evangelist Luis Suarez frames knowledge sharing:

One of the most profound key accelerators for one’s learning is that one of sharing your knowledge out there, in the open, and the more, the better, allowing others to benefit from it, contrasting it, challenging it, reframing it, instead of seeing it stagnate, inside your brain, because you never give it an opportunity to let it grow through that enriching experience of knowledge exchanges with other knowledge workers.

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