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Software testing experience So, You Want to Be a Software Tester? Here’s How to Get Started

Testing is a field that invites people from diverse backgrounds, so there's no one path to get into the role. But with the catch-22 of needing a job to get experience but needing experience to get a job, how do you break into software testing? Justin Rohrman has advice for anyone wanting some test experience.

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Justin Rohrman
Poor performance review It’s Time to Evaluate Your Annual Performance Reviews

While annual performance reviews can add value when done right, they are often done in a way that does more harm than good. A helpful alternative to an annual review is more frequent feedback that focuses on successes in addition to areas for improvement. Reviews should be motivational and constructive.

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Steve Berczuk
puzzle piece How Software Testers Can Stay Relevant

Testers have an important responsibility to protect and further their craft. Many people who want to be considered testers should engage in career development more than they might have in the past. Hans Buwalda highlights four areas that testers need to understand to stay relevant.

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Hans Buwalda
One-on-one meeting Make Your One-on-One Meetings More Effective

One-on-one meetings between managers and the people on their teams can be a very powerful tool, but it's also all too easy for these meetings to become routine, simply turning into regular status reports. One-on-ones should address career development, identify obstacles, and look at the big picture.

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Steve Berczuk
Software tester finding bugs The Value of Falling into Software Testing

To become a software tester, there are generally no required degrees or certifications. Consequently, many testers sort of "fall into" the job. But that doesn't mean they won't do outstanding work. Coming from all walks of life and having varied work experiences can help testers find problems no one else can.

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Justin Rohrman
Wolf in sheep's clothing Are You Doing the Important Work, or Do You Just Think You Are?

“Playing work” is when we do activities that look like work—they may even feel like work—but deep down, we know we aren’t being productive. These diversions are dangerous because they don't actually generate value and distract you from real work. Have you fallen victim to any of these deceptive time-wasters?

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Matthew Heusser
open workplace The Importance of a Dynamic and Open Culture in the Workplace

A culture that is carefully built and nurtured in an organization is key to its long term success. While there is no right or wrong answer to which culture should be fostered, a culture that is open and dynamic goes a long way in connecting with employees and fostering a rapport with them.

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Rajini Padmanaban
CEO nameplate How to Become a CEO

If you aspire to become a CEO, you need, at minimum, a heavy dose of personal drive and ambition. Communication skills (both speaking and listening) are top priority, and so is being able to get along with others. What other characteristics and experience do you need if you want that top title? Read on.

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Naomi Karten