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colorful lightbulb Stay in School: Lifelong Creative Learning

In our always-connected world, continuous learning is a given. Ongoing professional development is imperative in technology careers, yet learning something new in other fields is also good for your career, your health, and your life. So whether it’s for professional or personal reasons, stay in school.

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Pamela Rentz
Woman shaking hands with a job candidate after a hiring interview An Agile Framework for Improving Your Hiring Process

When hiring, adopting a framework to help you screen candidates can save a lot of time. However, much like adopting Scrum to improve your software development, following a framework won’t magically guarantee perfect results. But a framework will give you the tools to start off better, and to improve over time.

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Steve Berczuk
A computer with a draft of a resume on the screen, photo by Bram Naus 4 Tips for Writing an Awesome Developer Resume

When you’re hunting for jobs, one of the most time-consuming things you have to do is create a resume. As a developer, you often fall into one of two categories: You either have too much experience to put on one page, or you have too little. But just as with coding, writing an effective resume is a matter of skill.

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Grace Carter
Street art of a worried woman with shattered face, photo by Chris Barbalis 4 Tips for Conquering Your Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome is the belief that you're inadequate and incompetent, despite evidence otherwise. It’s more than just insecurity; it’s persistent self-doubt about your accomplishments, and the feeling that any success must have been undeserved. Don’t sell yourself short. Here are four ways to beat impostor syndrome.

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Beth Romanik
Police officer in uniform saluting Good Cop, Bad Cop: How to Evaluate a Company’s Culture before Accepting a Job

In a job interview, you learn a fair amount about the job you’re applying for. But it’s much harder to learn about the corporate culture so as to determine if the organization is a place you want to work. Try using a "good cop, bad cop" routine when asking questions to find out if the new environment is a good fit.

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Naomi Karten
A person with writer's block struggling to write on a red typewriter The “Dear Mother” Approach to Getting Past Writer’s Block

If you want to be a thought leader in the software community, you may want to share your expertise by getting published. But no matter how knowledgeable you are in your particular domain, writing about it is another matter entirely. If you're struck by writer's block, try writing a letter to unblock your thoughts.

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Naomi Karten
A group of people all putting their hands in the middle A Primer for IT Project Sponsors: 10 Steps for Success

Much time has been spent examining the project manager’s role in IT project success, but the role and duties of project sponsors are often overlooked—even though sponsors are an essential element of success (and failure). Here are ten rights and obligations a project sponsor should perform to improve project success.

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Payson Hall
Outdoor staircase leading up, photo by Håkon Sataøen The Role of the Test Manager in Agile

In traditional software processes, test managers are responsible for all management aspects of their team. Agile, however, is self-directed, so teams handle all the usual duties. Still, there is a role for test managers in agile, and it’s much more strategic than it was before. Here are the opportunities for the role.

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Jeffery Payne