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Why Most Testers Hit a Developmental Wall

With automation, continuous integration, agile, and a slew of other testing innovations, the field has evolved into something new. However, one of the major issues that many testers are running into is that while the occupation itself is expanding, their own personal growth isn’t keeping pace.

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Josiah Renaudin
The Tester’s Role: Balancing Technical Acumen and User Advocacy

If you’ve been in software testing for a while, you’ve likely seen the major shifts the industry has taken. Melissa Tondi identifies a couple of them in the history of testing and talks about their impact on the discipline, on jobs, and on what skills are sought after, as well as how to continue adding value.

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Melissa Tondi
How to Use the Mobile Revolution to Bolster Your Career

If you’re a professional within the industry and fail to take advantage of a sea change like mobile, you’re wasting a valuable opportunity. Its growth curve continues to spike, and there are still countless ways you can leverage mobile to inspire fresh career opportunities.

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Josiah Renaudin
The Problem with Job Titles

Job titles are useful for giving a quick idea of a person’s skills and responsibilities. But nowadays in the tech world, a job title alone does not say as much as it used to. Some titles are ambiguous, and some can even encourage a kind of false hierarchy based on how fancy they are. Is there a better way?

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Steve Berczuk
Creating Innovation: Four Tips from DARPA

Companies say they want to build a culture of innovation, but saying and actually doing are two different things. Those that are serious should take note of the recently released innovation blueprint developed by the ecosystem at the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

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Pamela Rentz
Is Cloud Computing Taking Over the Tech Industry?

Undoubtedly, cloud computing has been one of the largest paradigm changes the technology industry has seen during the last decade. Players both big and small are making investments to gain market share, and news items related to cloud computing are increasingly omnipresent.

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Rajini Padmanaban
The Secret to Becoming the New Tech Expert

Studies show that people who regularly practice being mindful can maximize their creativity and problem-solving, heads and shoulders above those who don’t. By taking time every day to stop, clear out the noise, and reflect, these people are continuously learning, improving, and becoming the new tech experts.

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Francie Van Wirkus
Uncovering the Secrets to a Work-Life Balance

While maintaining a good work-life balance is still as desirable as ever, it may also be more difficult than ever. Having technology constantly available makes it hard for us to disconnect from our jobs. But making time for family, health, and hobbies is beneficial not only to our lives, but also to our work.

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Naomi Karten