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Sparkly "2017" sign Top 10 TechWell Insights Stories of 2017

TechWell Insights features short stories about topics from every stage of the software development lifecycle, so no matter what's giving you trouble or what you're into, TechWell can be a good resource. Last year, the most popular stories involved company culture, how to be a good leader, and the future of testing.

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Heather Shanholtzer
Programmer coding A Tester’s Guide to Choosing a Programming Language

Many testers want to learn a programming language, but how should they decide which one? Justin Rohrman suggests finding an authentic problem to solve and moving from there to determine which language would be best. You can also ask developer coworkers for suggestions and help—take advantage of available resources.

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Justin Rohrman
Happy new year fireworks photo by Annie Spratt 4 Trends You'll See in the Tech Workplace in 2018

A new year means new technologies changing how we work, and the software industry is affected by these shifts more than most. Let’s look at four trends we’re likely to see in tech workplaces in 2018: continuing education, artificial intelligence and machine learning, data privacy, and more employee interaction.

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Beth Romanik
colorful right side of brain The Need for Well-Formed, Creative Minds in Software Testing

The need for creativity and innovation is felt in the world of software testing more than ever before given how dynamic and fast-paced it has become. With so many changing technologies and a multitude of people to interact with, a tester’s job calls for newer and better ways of accomplishing tasks.

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Rajini Padmanaban
People shaking hands at a job interview What to Say (and Not Say) in a Job Interview

The interview can strongly influence whether you get the job you’re seeking. It’s not just what you say in responding to interview questions that’s important; it’s how you say it. And maybe even more important than things you should say is steering clear of things you shouldn’t say. Here are some points to consider.

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Naomi Karten
Butterfly Transforming Your QA and Test Team

Testing professionals are essential to the success of technology projects. Delivering better, faster, and at a lower cost is not solely done with automation and development teams—testing professionals are here to stay and grow. But we have to fight for our place, and that means evolving with industry requirements.

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Sophie Benjamin
Two rocks balancing Balance Technical and Social Skills for Project Success

Software testing is a socio-technical undertaking, which means that effective test strategies must incorporate a balance of technical capabilities relating to processes and tools and social capabilities used for communication and problem-solving. This balance enables true project success.

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Marcia Buzzella
Computer showing software bugs Becoming a Modern Software Tester

Testers today need to look more like developers than users. Automation is becoming essential, so understanding at least basic programming is a must. As companies adopt agile and deliver more frequently, modern testers should learn to code, understand continuous integration, and use tools to eliminate constraints.

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Adam Auerbach