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Testers, Tech It Up! Become More Technically Competent

As our world becomes more complex, the demand for technical testing expertise is going up. While there will always be a need for domain specialists, we also need just as many technical testing roles—particularly with programming skills. Mike Sowers has some ideas on developing additional technical expertise.

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Michael Sowers
So You Want to Go to Mars? NASA Is Recruiting Astronauts

Did watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens get you thinking about a career exploring the universe? NASA is on a mission to Mars and is currently accepting applications for the next class of astronauts through February 18, 2016.

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Pamela Rentz
The Potential Problem with Hiring Smart People

Believe it or not, intelligence is not always an asset; it can breed hubris, excessive self-confidence, and a superiority complex. Therefore, when hiring, it's important to seek people who exhibit humility about their abilities, and to weed out the know-it-alls who want to be the one-stop decision-maker.

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Naomi Karten
How DevOps Is Making Testers Evolve

As the streamlined DevOps movement catches on, more and more companies are abandoning “traditional testers” and getting software developers to test. Testers are not becoming obsolete—but it means testers have to evolve and start ensuring that quality is baked in. Adam Auerbach details how they need to change.

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Adam Auerbach
Testing Isn't Dead, but Agile Has Changed It for Good

The adoption of agile—which has taken place within both small teams and massive organizations—has changed the tester’s role. However, that doesn’t mean it’s time for testers to pack up their things and sulk out the door. The “testing is dead” narrative doesn’t tell the whole story.

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Josiah Renaudin
The Evolution of a Product Owner

The practical application of agile in organizations is still difficult. The role of product owner has changed, and today a PO has to be tech-savvy, aware of the market, and accountable for execution, innovation, and quality. Tim Wise shows the evolution of a product owner and details what it should be now.

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Tim Wise
Making Time for Reflection

How often do you reflect on your career or life? It can be difficult to examine how you work and live to confirm that you are where you want to be. But using some of the same questions and techniques employed in agile retrospectives can help you evaluate your personal choices, too—and brainstorm ideas.

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Johanna Rothman
Where Are All the Great Software Testers?

It can be difficult to find great software testers for senior roles; often, the people you want to hire are the ones who are already gainfully employed. Michael Sowers gives his suggestions for identifying qualified and experienced software engineers who can deliver on senior testing role accountabilities.

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Michael Sowers