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Butterfly Transforming Your QA and Test Team

Testing professionals are essential to the success of technology projects. Delivering better, faster, and at a lower cost is not solely done with automation and development teams—testing professionals are here to stay and grow. But we have to fight for our place, and that means evolving with industry requirements.

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Sophie Benjamin
Two rocks balancing Balance Technical and Social Skills for Project Success

Software testing is a socio-technical undertaking, which means that effective test strategies must incorporate a balance of technical capabilities relating to processes and tools and social capabilities used for communication and problem-solving. This balance enables true project success.

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Marcia Buzzella
Computer showing software bugs Becoming a Modern Software Tester

Testers today need to look more like developers than users. Automation is becoming essential, so understanding at least basic programming is a must. As companies adopt agile and deliver more frequently, modern testers should learn to code, understand continuous integration, and use tools to eliminate constraints.

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Adam Auerbach
Hand holding happy face sticker How to Stay Happy in Your Testing Career

Jon Hagar believes a tester should have fun, find their work challenging, and look forward to an interesting career. Some great ways to achieve this job satisfaction are to keep learning and updating your skills, develop a career plan for the future, and seek out the fun challenges in software testing.

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Jon Hagar
People communicating with speech bubbles What Does Effective Communication Really Mean?

The ability to communicate effectively is not just nice to have, but a must-have for many IT positions. Still, the term “communication skills” is vague, and it’s reasonable to ask what it actually entails. Think about making a list of communication skills to use when evaluating job candidates—or job hunting yourself.

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Naomi Karten
Craftsman tools Craftsmanship: The Software Testers’ Goal

Some people just don’t care about creating great products or services. They believe the marketplace will settle for lower quality. Lee Copeland argues that as software testers, we need to combat that way of thinking by embracing craftsmanship. Focus on quality with knowledge, skill, diligence, judgment, and passion.

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Lee Copeland
People listening to a conference speaker 5 Strategies to Get Approval to Attend a Conference

Your organization isn’t in business to send you to trade shows, seminars, and fun-in-the-sun conferences. There has to be a solid business reason for you to attend, and you’ll improve the odds of getting the OK to go if you can make a comprehensive justification for going. Here are five things to focus on.

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Naomi Karten
Calendar with deadline circled Gain a Competitive Advantage by Meeting Your Deadlines

When you agree to do something by a certain date, do you meet your deadline? Many people don’t, which turns into a huge competitive advantage for those who do. That's because when people know you as someone they can count on to help them meet their own deadlines, you’re the one they’ll turn to for other opportunities.

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Naomi Karten