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It's Not All Engineering It’s Not All Engineering

IT managers often begin their careers as engineers, problem solvers, and innovators.  If you are a technical person who aspires to a management role you must learn to embrace and work with budget and priority constraints.

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Payson Hall
10 Tips for Better Writing 10 Tips for Better Writing

Many people resist writing and are out of practice, but small improvements can make a big difference.  If you would rather go to the dentist than write a one-page report, these tips are for you.

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Payson Hall
Virtual event Getting the Most from a Virtual Event

Virtual events do have value, but in order to get that value, you need to treat them with the same reverence you would a physical event.  Here are a few suggestions on how to do that.

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Stasi Richmond
Green plastic army soldier figures Building a DevOps Army

As you scale DevOps, you need more team members who understand the fundamentals. You could bring in external folks, but they're expensive and in short supply, so start building your DevOps army now by training existing employees. Here's what testers, developers, and IT operations professionals each need to know.

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Tom Stiehm
Woman putting her head down on her laptop in frustration How to Decide whether to Quit Your Job

Some people are happy with their jobs and know they want to keep them. Others are clear that they want to quit. What's difficult is when the decision to quit or stay is a tough one. The important thing in making that choice is to be sure you’ve examined the issue as objectively as you can from different viewpoints.

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Naomi Karten
Employee receiving feedback Seeking Feedback the Right Way

Receiving negative feedback can be uncomfortable. You may immediately get defensive. But to grow personally and in your career, you need to be able to receive feedback—both good and bad. Here's how to recognize the three types of feedback you will get, and know how to solicit it and respond to it in the right way.

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Allison Scholz
Stylish older woman with gray hair wearing a fedora Aging Gracefully in QA

Employee churn is inevitable in every industry, and positions are being filled by fresh young faces all the time. Instead of becoming worried or insecure, senior team members should embrace their new status as someone to be looked up to for experience, lessons, and mentoring abilities. Here's how to do that in QA.

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Mukesh Sharma
2020 confetti Softer Testing Skills to Focus On in 2020

Although technical skills will always be essential for testers, this should be the year we also have a collective responsibility to focus on two softer aspects: being realistic about goals for quality, and bringing back simplicity into the software engineering discipline. Here's how these goals can bring value in 2020.

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Mukesh Sharma