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Three Perks That Can Make Up for the Lack of an End-of-Year Raise

The end of the calendar year can mean the holiday season, New Year resolutions, and even an end-of-the-year review. And with that end of the year review comes the possibility of a promotion or raise. But let’s say that you’re not up for either, or the company is putting a freeze on wage adjustments. What else can you negotiate for in 2015?

Better work environment: Just because you didn’t get a raise in pay doesn’t mean you can’t get a raise in your standard of working. Try asking for better resources, such as a better-performing computer, a newer monitor, or a more ergonomic chair and workspace. Boss not willing to spend money? That’s OK. You could get moved into your own office, a better located office or cubicle, or simply a more spacious area to work.

An opportunity for prestige: A better title can be a weak consolation for an actual pay bump, but a title promotion can also be a great perk if it makes you feel better about your work and how others perceive your worth in the company. If a title means nothing to you, you can ask for certain assignments or particular work functions. Even if you can’t get a raise in pay, you can still negotiate an opportunity to show you are worth the raise come the next review period.

Work time flexibility: A healthier work-life balance has been shown to have potentially great impacts on the quality of both your life and your work. Perhaps you could negotiate to come in later or earlier to better fit your life schedule. Or you could ask for the ability to telecommute from time to time. Swing for the fences, and maybe you can grab more vacation and paid time off. The company isn’t paying you any more money, but with fewer hours worked over the year, you’ll effectively increase your pay per work hour.

There are many options and perks that can make up for a lack of a raise, some of which are worth negotiating for even if you do get a raise. The important thing to remember is that just because your employer isn’t able to make your paychecks look better, doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to try and keep you happy with other perks and considerations that will make you feel better.

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