Agile Testing Shouldn’t Change Based on Team Size

It’s important to note the more collaborative nature that agile encourages for every single member of the team—not just the testers. Sure, testers might have to adopt the most new skills if they hope to make things work at this new pace, but product owners and developers can’t just rest on their laurels.

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Josiah Renaudin
How to Make Agile Work for Your Specific Team

Taking a step back, being honest about your strengths and weaknesses, and then using agile concepts to make yourself better is smarter than simply copying another team's structure. Agile can be your base, but don’t let trends that work for your competitor dictate the core of your software development.

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Josiah Renaudin
Someone about to plunge into water Catch Small Failures Early with Agile Practices

Agile is designed to keep failures small and manageable. It’s essential to be able to talk about small failures and ways to improve during the retrospective so that the teams can advance their agile practices. If your teams can’t talk about their small failures openly, there is a great risk of bigger troubles soon.

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Ryan Ripley
Remote workers in a video conference Can Remote Workers Ever Really Make Effective Agile Teams?

As the Agile Manifesto states, agile teams should value individuals and interactions, and traditionally, this implies being in the same room. While technology makes collaboration at a distance more viable, some feel that collocation helps with delivering quickly. Can remote workers ever make effective agile teams?

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Steve Berczuk
Listening Want to Be a More Effective Leader? Conduct a Listening Tour

Leaders who are moving into a new position should hold what’s called a listening tour. This lets the person doing the touring hear what’s on the minds of subordinates or team members. It helps a new leader get the lay of the land while also allowing the people they’ll be leading to express their thoughts or concerns.

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Naomi Karten
Better Software summer 2017 issue cover What’s in the Summer 2017 Issue of Better Software Magazine

It can be a challenge to develop software solutions on a variety of operating system platforms. Browser-based apps support some degree of platform independence with HTML 5, but web apps aren't usually as robust as desktop apps. Our cover story removes the mystery of how to create apps for both Windows and macOS.

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Ken Whitaker
Testing Team Should the Size of Your Company Change the Way You Test Software?

One aspect that gets a lot of play in software is the size of your testing team. But whether you’re working at a major corporation with a massive testing team or a start-up that’s just looking to release a small financial app, the size of your company shouldn’t radically alter your testing strategy.

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Josiah Renaudin
Team having an agile standup meeting 5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Agile Meetings

People think agile entails too many meetings, but usually that complaint has nothing to do with the number of meetings, but rather the way they're run. New agile teams often do everything together because they think that’s what agile expects, but that's not true. Here are five tips to better run your agile meetings.

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Jeffery Payne