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Lessons from an Elementary School Talent Show

Life lessons can be found everywhere if you look for them.

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Payson Hall
How to Achieve More Predictable Software Delivery Outcomes How to Achieve More Predictable Software Delivery Outcomes

By cultivating predictability within the engineering team and using data to set expectations across the organization, engineering managers can establish themselves as leaders and play a bigger role in strategic decision-making.

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Jeremy Freeman
How Large Is this Project? How “Large” Is This Project?

When organizations want to step up their project management game and implement more rigorous project management practices, there is always fear that the administrative overhead will exceed the value gained.

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Payson Hall
Human Resource Management, Multi-Tasking, and Waves

Some tolerate multi-tasking better than others. Beyond tolerance and even the ability of some people to switch contexts more efficiently than others is an effect of multi-tasking that most of us have experienced but rarely discuss.

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Payson Hall
Team Wellness Three Ways to Improve Employee Wellness in a Post-Covid Environment

Many individuals are dealing with "pandemic fatigue" these days. As a leader, how can you better support your team in this environment? Here are 3 tips.

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Lydia Iseh
Project Management Meeting If Things Aren’t Going Well, When Do You Want to Know?

Ask people to describe the number one job of a project manager and few will get it right. Payson Hall discusses the most important part of project manager's role.


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Payson Hall
milestone Pandemic Challenge 205 of 7,923: Recognizing Project Milestones

These days teams are compensating as best they can, but some aspects of project life are difficult with remote teams and social distancing. Celebrating milestone achievement is hard but necessary in our current circumstances.

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Payson Hall
virtual meeting Agile+DevOps Culture in a Virtual World

Transforming and maintaining culture is hard enough when team members are somewhat co-located and in physical spaces—even harder when the majority are working from home. 

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Michael Sowers