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DevOps Isn’t a Fad, So You Need to Invest Now


Software moves so quickly that it can be difficult to know what new trend is worth paying attention to. And when it comes to something like agile or DevOps—where you need to make significant investments in order to get it right—it can almost feel too risky to change up what you’re currently doing.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the promise of ten-times greater production, shorter development times, smarter testing, and everything surrounding the fresh idea of the day, but when it comes to DevOps, there’s no longer a need for trepidation. DevOps is here to stay.

Sure, how you implement it and who you have on your team will play a big role in your overall DevOps success, but the principles at the core of the concept are sound and proven. Martin Chikilian, lead director of engineering at Toptal, recently explained in an interview with StickyMinds why DevOps isn’t going away.

“Cloud was once seen as a fad, and now it's a $1 billion industry with players like Google and Salesforce plowing in even more investment. The need for having a reliable infrastructure in place for organizations to run their applications will not only remain there but will become more and more critical to businesses,” Chikilian said. “Nowadays, 99.9 percent uptime is not just a vision that people like to pitch as a buzzword. Meeting users’ increasing demand for reliable and responsive platforms is critical for any business to succeed.”

And while change of this magnitude can be intimidating, waiting around and hoping for the perfect time to get involved with DevOps isn’t the right solution. The longer you wait to make investments, the longer it’ll take for you to catch up with competitors who already have teams and resources in place.

“A few organizations have made DevOps part of their day-to-day, and it has paid off quickly,” Chikilian continued. “Companies that have not started yet are behind and should definitely be putting time, effort, and money into DevOps. Our clients who invest in doing DevOps correctly early on see huge dividends in flexibility, speed, and scalability.”

Wait too long in the software industry, and you’ll be playing catch-up for a significant stretch of time—which means you’ll be ill-prepared when the industry changes again. If you invest now and stay ahead of the curve, you’ll be better prepared for the many twists and turns of software development.

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December 19, 2017

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