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man at computer Why the Gig Economy Thrives in the World of DevOps

Even if the industry is booming, it’s not easy filling the full-time DevOps roles. Every software team is vying to find the perfect person to come in and establish a culture to promote improved software release cycles, software quality, security, and rapid feedback on product development. But it's not easy.

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Josiah Renaudin
Arrows pointing to old way and new way An Agile Approach to Change Management

Many organizations are reluctant to introduce new tools or technologies, or even to update existing ones. The reason is often framed in terms of risk management, but agile teams already have the tools to manage the risk of change: testing and experiments. These approaches together eliminate gaps in risk identification.

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Steve Berczuk
Arrow expanding testing Continuous Exploratory Testing: Expanding Critical Testing across the Delivery Cycle

Continuous testing entails executing automated tests to obtain rapid feedback on business risks. Where does that leave exploratory testing? Obviously, it doesn’t make sense to repeat the same exploratory tests across and beyond a sprint, but exploratory testing can be a continuous part of each software delivery cycle.

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Ingo Philipp
chess pieces Why Smart Testing Requires Strategy and Flexibility

You can’t expect to achieve successful testing without the proper strategy, but you also can’t create a strategy that doesn’t allow you to adapt along the way. Think about why you’re testing, and be confident enough to change course if you feel it can benefit your team and project.

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Josiah Renaudin
strumming a guitar Why Musicians Can Make for the Best Testers

Testers need to be both creative and analytical, and those are two features that are very common in musicians. Sure, it might not be writing code, but we’re learning more and more that the building blocks and innate qualities that make for good testers can be more important than the testing skills themselves.

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Josiah Renaudin
On-off switch Using Feature Flags to Boost Testing and Deployment

A feature flag is a configuration setting that lets you turn a given feature on or off. There is no need for a feature to be complete before you can start testing—as soon as the first piece of code is merged, you can turn the flag on in your test environment and begin. This also reduces risk. Do you use feature flags?

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James Espie
colorful right side of brain The Need for Well-Formed, Creative Minds in Software Testing

The need for creativity and innovation is felt in the world of software testing more than ever before given how dynamic and fast-paced it has become. With so many changing technologies and a multitude of people to interact with, a tester’s job calls for newer and better ways of accomplishing tasks.

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Rajini Padmanaban
people holding hands Testers, It’s Time to Become Best Friends with Your Developers

If you want to create software in the modern era and maximize the skills of your entire team, you can’t do things the way they’ve always been done. And going back to the late-stage testing example, you just can’t do things the traditional way anymore.

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Josiah Renaudin