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Tips for Improving Your Geographically Distributed Agile Team

Many people on agile teams have at least one person who is not collocated. Those on collocated teams indicate that more of their projects are successful; those on far-located teams have the highest number of challenged projects. What can you do if you're part of a geographically distributed team?

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Johanna Rothman
How Management Indecision Loses Money and Hurts Your Project Portfolio

When managers can’t decide which projects to undertake, they end up making a decision—to not decide. They don’t fund the potentially transformative projects; they go with the safe bets. The difference between when a project goes on the backlog and when it's started eats into your maximum revenue.

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Johanna Rothman
Calculating the Real Cost of Multitasking on Your Projects

The cost of delay due to multitasking is real. It’s invisible to most people, especially management. It’s not just the cost of time lost due to context switching; it’s the fact that projects don't get out on time, which hurts your maximum sales revenue. How do you calculate these costs of delay?

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Johanna Rothman
What You Can Learn from Sony about Cost Versus Value

Sony is now worth a fraction of what it was ten years ago because the company started asking, "What will make us the most money right now?" Your question should not be how much something costs; you should be asking, “How much value will this project provide?” Learn to tell the difference.

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Johanna Rothman
Take the High Road When Creating Product Roadmaps

One of the mistakes made when crafting a product roadmap is building a roadmap that schedules all the features and functions you plan to build. That’s taking the low road. You want conversations with customers to be focused on the problems people solve with your product. That's taking the high road.

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Scott Sehlhorst
Why We Need a New Model for Project Governance

We all know that organizations establish a project management office (PMO) as their main model for project governance. However, this does not provide a competitive advantage that allows organizations to respond to ever-increasing customer needs.

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Sameh Zeid
Where Is the Business Analyst in UK Government Software Projects?

While the UK government has taken major strides to save money and deliver more with less on its major projects, Adrian Reed looks at the possible implications of the absence of the business analyst role in the government's mandated guidelines and policy manuals.

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Adrian Reed
Enterprise Application Spending to Hit $120.4 Billion

Gartner, the information technology-research firm, announced this week that 2012 will see global spending on enterprise application software reach $120.4 billion.

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Jonathan Vanian