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A Strange Story of Version Control and Software Customization

As he was doing an inventory of a company’s commercial software and version control, Payson Hall got an odd response from a vendor: Their software has no versions. Each client has a unique, customized edition of the software. How can the vendor possibly support that many products? How would that work?

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Payson Hall
The Importance of Agile Source Code Management

If agile teams do not effectively utilize source code management, they can miss out on key benefits and sometimes even lose essential source code used for application deployment. But done well, a source code management solution can provide the best platform for effective agile practices. Bob Aiello explains.

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Bob Aiello
DevOps and Reckless Driving

There is a trend of development managers suggesting that they need to embrace DevOps—but without the “Ops.” They argue that the operations team is too slow and lacks the skills to really participate. We want speed, but we also need to avoid error while improving reliability and enhancing security.

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Bob Aiello
Analyzing the Value of a Test Tool Approach

Many test managers want to assess the value of their test tool approach. There is a way to do it that does not require writing code—only the ability to read it a little. Matt Heusser helps you figure out if what your team is doing is working, what you could drop, and what might be worth picking up.

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Matthew Heusser
Is Git a Good Fit for the Enterprise

Git has become the version control system of choice for many developers. It is relatively easy to use, has good repository integrity, and has a distributed architecture. But Git also has some limitations and can be challenging to support for large scale enterprise use. Read on for some practices.

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Bob Aiello
Why Open Source CM May Not Be As Cheap As You Might Have Thought

Joe Farah writes that there’s a lot more to the cost of configuration management than licenses for version control and problem tracking, and all those open source CM tools out there may be a lot more costly than you might have thought.

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Joe Farah
Why Techies Should Watch Their Backups

Backing up your work isn’t the sexiest topic on the block, but if it’s not done correctly, it can cost you time, money, your job, or your professional reputation. Eric Bloom details important things to consider regarding backing up your work.

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Eric Bloom
Branching Is Not Just for Version Control

Joe Farah explains to us that a branching strategy is central to a configuration management (CM) plan and that it extends beyond version control. Remember, It's not just the files that need to be organized, it's the entire CM and application lifecycle management (ALM) data repository.

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Joe Farah