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Testing Lessons from Toyota and Nissan Recalls

Common to the recent Toyota and Nissan automobile recalls is the underlying reason for the recalls—software programming errors in some of the components. Anuj Magazine examines two software testing lessons we can learn from these recalls.

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Anuj Magazine
Apple and Google Enter the Connected Car Market

A new battle has begun in which the combatants are familiar and the prize is your car’s dashboard. Steve Vaughn explains that in 2014 Google and Apple have decided to bring the fight to Microsoft with a major push in the area of connected cars.

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Steve Vaughn
Will Automobile Makers Begin to Outsource Software Development?

German automobile maker Daimler AG seems keen on having another organization be responsible for its software development. Will this start a trend among other automobile companies to outsource software development?

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Jonathan Vanian
Connected Cars Are Driving Innovation

Connected cars are equipped with Internet access and infotainment services, along with telematics and technologies that enable functionality such as automatic notification of crashes, speeding, potential hazards, and other new features. Pamela Rentz looks at the latest connected car innovations.

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Pamela Rentz
The Future of Connected Devices: Testing Required

With the Internet reaching into different facets of our everyday lives—from vehicles to appliances—in-the-wild testing will play a vital role.

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Katherine Slattery
The Challenges of Mobile Technology Behind the Wheel

Automakers have always worked tirelessly to one-up their competitors through technology, but is that challenge evolving into a different battle entirely? As new safety and entertainment features become available, developers and engineers are working to ensure they're always up and running.

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Noel Wurst