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Bright light bulb 2 Good Practices Agile Says You Don’t Need

There are lots of good practices that people will tell you aren’t agile. Usually this comes from people who read a book on Scrum or Extreme Programming and took it literally. But agile is not methods and tools associated with a particular methodology; as long as you follow the agile principles, anything is fair game.

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Jeffery Payne
How to Find Out If Your Mobile Health App Meets FTC Guidelines

How do you know if the health-related app you’re working on—or using—falls under federal guidelines? To help mobile app developers understand what federal laws and regulations they need to follow, the FTC has created a new web-based tool for developers of health-related mobile apps.

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Pamela Rentz
What Is a Best Practice?

“Best practice” is a term that you hear thrown around frequently in IT. Inevitably, someone finds a way to do something and then labels it a best practice. The key thing to remember when it comes to best practices is that what cures others may kill you.

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Joe Townsend
The Financial System and Biological Suicide

The US financial system has been severally impacted by many outages in recent months. These banking technology glitches have been described as a form of "biological suicide," which highlights the dangers of banks continuing to rely on outdated legacy systems.

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Bob Aiello
DevOps Is More than a Marketing Opportunity

Many industry experts are calling DevOps a "cultural and professional movement." Perhaps people need to spend a little less time hyping the marketing opportunity for DevOps and a lot more time putting the principles to work.

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Mark Tomlinson
How DevOps Could Have Benefited the Facebook IPO

As Facebook's IPO debacle shows, the lack of a robust software development process can result in outages and impact large-scale financial systems. Bob Aiello explains how DevOps—which provides the structure to rapidly build, package, and deploy applications—could have minimized Facebook's damages.

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Bob Aiello