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Should You Be Worried about Shadow IT?

If there is one thing IT professionals—especially those involved with security—like, it is control. However, we all know that shadow IT exists, which means IT professionals don’t have complete control like they used to. Joe Townsend explores whether or not shadow IT is something to be feared.

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Joe Townsend
Bring Your Own Device—We Have Arrived!

In the past eighteen months we have seen a radical shift in the way companies use mobile devices in the workplace. With bring your own device (BYOD) more popular than ever, the pressure is quickly mounting to support BYOD and provide a more flexible, enterprise-friendly mobility solution.

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Beth Cohen
Will We See the Debut of Dual OS Mobile Phones This Year?

Microsoft is exploring possibilities of partnering with Android handset makers to build devices that boot up with two mobile operating systems, giving users the option at run time to choose which one they want. This move will pose new opportunities for mobile software engineers and for testers.

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Mukesh Sharma
Georgia Tech Issues Report on Emerging Cyber Threats for 2014

At the annual Georgia Tech Cyber Security Summit, cloud data storage, the Internet of Things, and mobile devices were listed as emerging cyber threats for 2014. Pamela Rentz highlights this and other news from the conference.

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Pamela Rentz
Mobile Technology Will End the Eight-Hour Workday

Most employees wouldn't argue for a longer workday than we already have. So, why are so many of us working more than we may actually have to? Because our mobile devices allow—and maybe even encourage—us to do so. Learn how this happened and how you can tune out without turning off.

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Noel Wurst
The Risks and Rewards of Bring Your Own Device Policies

Many companies are allowing BYOD, but a staggering number of them aren't doing anything to ensure that those devices don't easily give up sensitive information that could harm the business or its clients. Learn what can be done to make sure that data is protected—no matter what happens.

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Noel Wurst
Will Information Technology Departments Exist in the Future?

Joe Townsend explores whether or not information technology (IT) departments will exist in the future as he explores the concept of the consumerization of IT. Will business become the driver of technology rather than the IT group that currently exists in many organizations today?

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Joe Townsend
Security Holes in Mobile Apps—and the App Stores that Provide Them

After a recent look at a handful of popular mobile apps across multiple platforms, there are some common privacy-invasion practices that should worry users—and especially companies who participate in BYOD. Learn how to better protect personal and corporate data when selecting third-party apps.

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Noel Wurst