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migration map Real-Time Bird Migration Algorithms for Live Tweeting

New maps on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s BirdCast website let you track migratory birds in near real time, as well as forecast avian migration up to three days ahead. Pamela Rentz looks at why the when, where, and how far birds will migrate is important.

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Pamela Rentz
Data What You Should Consider to Make the Best Use of Your Collected Data

We live in a world where data is constantly being recorded. In software, determining the timing of when to use that data is critical to making the most of the information. You should take into account data freshness, the data-gathering processes and any dependencies between them, and when to distribute information.

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Catherine Cruz ...
Here There Be Monsters: The Value of Data Profiling

Monsters appeared on medieval maps to identify the unknown dangers of the sea. Likewise, the data profiles for an organization identify the points within its data. A robust data-profiling strategy can provide a more accurate picture of an organization’s data systems and find risks before they become monsters.

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Shauna Ayers
Getting Your Data to Work for You

Practically everyone records data somehow. The real value comes from using that data to gain deeper insight. When used appropriately, data profiling can be a powerful tool for analyzing existing data, profiling for planned changes, or monitoring for unplanned circumstances, helping save time and remove risks.

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Catherine Cruz ...
Why Your Test Efforts Should Tackle Data First

Automation projects often start by tackling the technical issues, but Linda Hayes says a specific data environment should be established first. If you can’t control, define, and predict your data, you won’t have the repeatability that makes test automation practical—but it makes sense for manual testing, too.

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Linda Hayes
Ignore the Data at Your Own Risk

At work, the evidence of something worth paying attention to is often front and center, and yet we dismiss it. If you ignore the data—negative survey results, team member absences, an increase in bugs, stakeholders who repeatedly miss meetings, etc.—you could be overlooking signs of trouble.

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Naomi Karten
Mobile Users Eager to Share Data, but Require Security and Ownership

The Microsoft Digital Trends 2015 report shows that people’s attitudes toward digital and connected devices have changed significantly since just two years ago. Previously, users wanted to be more anonymous. Now, the idea of putting yourself out there isn’t nearly as frightening.

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Josiah Renaudin
Tech Companies and Governments: A Love-Hate Relationship

Technology companies and their countries' governments work together for the advancement of the nations as a whole, creating new jobs and bolstering the economy. But due to privacy issues, tech companies are now controlling what user information they expose—and governments don't always play along.

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Mukesh Sharma