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Serious Gaming: Building Better Communities Playing Minecraft

Who says playing video games is a waste of time? Surely not the adults and kids around the world who are “playing” Minecraft and building 3D models of safer and more livable public spaces and communities in collaboration with Block by Block and UN-Habitat.

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Pamela Rentz
Nintendo to Shake Up the Mobile Space

Nintendo has shown an apprehension to change, but it’s finally decided to spread its games to one of the widest audiences possible—mobile users. Nintendo is teaming up with DeNA, a large Japanese mobile gaming group, in order to bring classic characters to your phone.

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Josiah Renaudin
Mobile Gaming Growing into Largest Ad Platform

According to a panel of advertising experts at the Global Mobile Internet Conference, mobile gaming is trending toward becoming the largest advertising platform in the world. This particular industry is actually pulling a lot of advertising money out of other media.

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Josiah Renaudin
Cloud Streaming Could Eliminate Need for Expensive Hardware

The PlayStation TV is just another example of an entertainment box lowering the barrier to entry. Thanks to the power of the cloud, expensive set-top devices that crowd an entertainment center could soon become a thing of the past.

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Josiah Renaudin
Is the Gaming Industry Shifting to Free-to-Play?

A few years back games were typically introduced as pay-to-play games or game packages with a monthly subscription, but this model is undergoing a lot of change in order to attract more gamers. Providers are actively scouting ways to provide games that are both free-to-play and profitable.

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Rajini Padmanaban
Developers Get the Chance to Succeed on the Big(ger) Screen

For years the home gaming console war has been restricted to Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. But a new challenger is emerging this summer, and gaming developers couldn't be more thrilled. With a great deal of funding—and more than 7,000 developer kits shipped out—Ouya's future is now.

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Noel Wurst