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Developers Get the Chance to Succeed on the Big(ger) Screen

The rise in mobile gaming technology isn’t likely to be challenged anytime soon, if ever, but there is something to be said for trying something new. Instead of joining the rat race of countless developers vying for success with mobile games, Julie Uhrman isn’t just breaking the mold by being a female in the male dominated video game developer industry; she’s looking exclusively at the big picture—your television set.

Uhrman’s project, Ouya, runs a modified version of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and a price tag of only $99 makes it the cheapest home gaming console ever. Completely open sourced for aspiring gaming developers, Ouya should be met with open arms when it makes its June shelf appearance. 

Mobile gaming has been a monstrous success but faces obvious limitations when it comes to screen size, multiplayer options, and controller accuracy.

Consumers may take issue, and we won’t know until a year from now, with Ouya’s planned yearly hardware release. Each year’s device will have that same initial $99 price point, but it still could be looked at as a new expense for gamers who aren’t used to buying a new console every year, especially if they’re already purchasing a new phone just as often.

Ouya's appeal to developers was explained in a recent Ars Technica piece by Florence Ion. Ion convincingly answers anyone questioning the need for another gaming console, especially one that’s not mobile.

…it's a risk to develop for an unreleased console being made by an Internet startup with no track record and no proven market share. But when talking to a few first-time developers who are supporting the Ouya in a big way, the same message is heard again and again. This tiny, unproven box represents a way to fulfill their dream of getting a game on their TV set.

At the recent DICE Summit 2013, Uhrman herself explained the allure from the gamers’ perspective, which can be seen in the video below.


Those still doubting the interest or need for Ouya can look at the more than eight million dollars raised in their Kickstarter campaign—the funding platform’s second highest total ever raised.

Do you see a future in Android or iOS gaming for non-mobile devices? Will you be purchasing an Ouya? Every year? Let us know!

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