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Apple’s New ResearchKit Turns iPhones into Tools for Medical Studies

Apple unveiled a new biomedical platform called ResearchKit, an iOS framework that will let people opt in to join medical research studies. Volunteers can use their Apple devices to participate in various tests, and the information will be shared with medical research institutions to find cures.

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Beth Romanik
How to Keep Your Mobile App on Users’ Home Screens

The average mobile user spends more than 80 percent of his time on just five mobile applications, which commonly include messaging and social media options. So, what can you do to not only get people to download your app, but also keep them interested for more than just a few hours?

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Josiah Renaudin
Thanks to HTML5, Pure Native Apps Don’t Exist

Just about every native app developed today includes some HTML, even if its creators are labeling it otherwise. It’s a pervasive language that’s made it hard to crown native apps as the clear winner. In reality, pure native apps are a dying breed.

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Josiah Renaudin
What Apple’s Swift Means for Developers, Testers, and Businesses

Apple surprised people at the Worldwide Developers Conference by introducing Swift, a brand-new programming language for OS X and iOS application development. What will this mean for developers, testers, and businesses who have poured time and resources into developing Objective-C expertise?

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Jennifer Bonine
Will Apple's New Language Help Build High-Quality Mobile Apps?

Apple's announcement of Swift, its new programming language, has lead to speculation that some of Swift's new features will improve app quality. Many developers have high hopes that Swift's Playground feature will facilitate faster app development and lead to higher-quality apps.

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Anuj Magazine
iOS App Development Is About to Get Easier

At the Worldwide Developer Conference 2014 held recently, one of the announcements Apple made was about its new free programming language, Swift. People are excited because iOS development should become easier for all categories of programmers, but how much will it really affect the industry?

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Mukesh Sharma
HTML5: Making Moves in Mobile Markets

In the US and Europe, Android and Apple’s iOS dominate the markets for mobile web app development. However, other markets in the world—where HTML5 is playing a significant role in mobile development—tell a different story. Read on to see how HTML5 edges out iOS and gives Android cause for concern.

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Cameron Philipp...
Is There Room for a Third Mobile Operating System?

iOS and Android have a dominating presence in the mobile operating system world and in their associated app stores. The market shares for each of them keep varying over time, but the two together have such a strong hold that the question remains: Is there space for a third player?

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Rajini Padmanaban