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Green "recycle" key on a computer keyboard 5 Tips to Turn Recorded JMeter Scripts into Reusable Tests

Using a tool like JMeter to execute load and performance tests while code is being developed is an inexpensive way to find issues early. But the recorded steps will need some work before they can be useful load and performance tests. Here are five suggestions to turn your recorded scripts into quality reusable tests.

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Bob Foster
Man lifting barbell with heavy weights 6 Steps to Achieve Realistic, Reliable Load Testing

Simulating real users’ behavior gives you a transparent picture of your software's load capabilities. To reproduce users' actions accurately, you can use a request flow design from when the system is in the production environment. Here are six steps for achieving the most realistic load for your load testing process.

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Maxim Chernyak
Rope under stress fraying apart A New Approach to Load Testing with Browser-Level Users

Since the inception of load testing, the approach has been mostly the same: simulate the traffic of an application by creating load at the API level. But there have been market shifts that make load testing with browser-level users more feasible—allowing us to test with real load and measure true user performance.

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Kevin Dunne
Gauges on a car's instrument dashboard, photo by Dominik Stötter 5 Strategies for Better, More Reliable Load Testing

As you test your system’s performance, what happens when it fails to meet your requirements? With these five strategies, you can simulate realistic load testing of your system, mitigate your risks, and create reliable, continuous, automated performance testing for a better and more efficient end-user experience.

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Israel Rogoza
Why You Need to Performance Test Your Mobile Apps

Even the most patient users can become frustrated when apps fail to load. A single day's worth of traffic can make or break a business, and that’s why it’s critical to performance test your apps to make sure that they’ll both work on real devices and be able to handle a large number of users.

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Josiah Renaudin
The Changing Dynamics of Online Shopping for the Holidays

Every time we gear up for a peak-load online shopping day, one of main things is the application’s performance. Was it available without any downtime? Was the response time acceptable? Did the pages load fine? While this information is the main focus, there is increasingly more finesse involved.

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Mukesh Sharma
Google’s Eighteen Minutes of Downtime—Security Fears Remain

Google's Chrome and Gmail crash lasted only eighteen minutes on Monday, but what kind of damage do these repeated, albeit brief, downtimes cause those who are already skeptical of moving their data to the cloud? One way to stop the bleeding is to quickly let customers know what went wrong.

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Noel Wurst
Black Friday Fatigue? Load Testing Can Save Your Cyber Monday

More shoppers turned online, and to their mobile devices, to find holiday deals this Black Friday than in any previous year. As the number of people growing weary of the enormous crowds and long lines grows, will online retailers be able to handle the load of online and mobile app shopping?

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Noel Wurst