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Humanoid robot photo by Alex Knight What’s Our Job When the Machines Do Testing?

It’s a safe bet that testing jobs won't be taken over by machines anytime soon. However, those of us in the test industry would be wise to heed cross-industry applications of analytics and machine learning and begin staking out the proper role of the machine in our testing domain. What could AI mean for testing?

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Geoff Meyer
Binoculars over cityscape Keeping Your Software Testing Abilities Relevant Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

Development and product teams have embraced agile and DevOps. What can testers do to keep up with their development peers? Here are some ideas about what testers can learn, what skills we can add, and what processes we can start doing in order to continue delivering quality today, tomorrow, and further into the future.

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Sunil Sehgal
Watson helping with taxes at H&R Block IBM’s Watson Will Help You File Your Taxes at H&R Block

Customers at H&R Block will be able to get tax advice from IBM’s famous supercomputer, Watson. Watson has been fed all 74,000 pages of the US tax code and will use its natural language processing to interact with clients in order to answer questions, uncover deductions and credits, and help calculate refunds.

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Beth Romanik