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girls in STEM Yes, She Can STEM—and More

Many girls begin losing interest in STEM subjects as early as middle school, and this path continues. #SheCanSTEM is a new public service media campaign that hopes to encourage middle school girls to ultimately pursue STEM careers by challenging stereotypes and showcasing female STEM role models. 

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Pamela Rentz
Using Technology to Make Better Educational Assessments

Technology's usefulness for assessment in schools today is not limited to Scantron machines. There are many powerful (and free) tools available. How can we shift to an environment in which technology is used in support of high-quality assessments that are meaningful for both teachers and students?

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David Miller
Coding for Children Should Add, Not Subtract, Knowledge

There has been a strong push to make teaching students how to program part of the academic requirements in public schools, with a legislative push to have coding replace foreign language requirements and cursive. However, maybe we should focus on adding knowledge—not taking it away.

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The New Foreign Language: Computer Programming?

Spanish or JavaScript? This is a question public school students in the US could be asking themselves as they choose their future courses. In several states, government officials are pushing to have programming languages count for a student's foreign language requirements.

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A Six Year Old's First Foreign Language Starts with http://

Schools worldwide are experiencing the amazing benefits of teaching software development, coding skills, agile, and testing to children as young as six years old. Learn how the arrival of the Raspberry Pi has brought new, and incredibly necessary, life skills to students of all ages.

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Noel Wurst