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For The Web logo Is It Time to Stand Up for the Web?

Does the Web need fixing? Widely acknowledged as the creator of the World Wide Web back in 1994 and the current Director of the World Wide Web Consortium on web standards, Tim Berners-Lee launched #ForTheWeb to help resolve what the organization views as current risks and future challenges.

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Pamela Rentz
fake-genuine street sign Fighting Fake News

Is this news story true or is it merely the product of someone’s imagination? While sometimes it’s easy to tell, many people have been fooled by fake news. As part of an effort to mitigate the trending “fake news” phenomena, Google recently announced the latest improvements for Google Search.

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Pamela Rentz
Social, Mobile, Analytics, and the Cloud Together Are the Future of IT

The next wave in IT seems to be SMAC technologies—or social, mobile, analytics, and the cloud. Individually, each of the pieces of the “SMAC stack” are not new to us. However, what is changing now is the use of these four elements together as an integrated ecosystem, rather than as separate silos.

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Mukesh Sharma
How Testers Can Use Social Media to Improve Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are being developed in a time of rapid user feedback due to the prominent use of social media—which can be good or bad for those apps. Social media can make or break your product. But whichever scenario it is, testers can learn from that feedback to improve upon their test strategies.

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Jon Hagar
Why Facebook Is YouTube's Biggest Rival

Dozens of different video hosting brands have tried to topple YouTube for years, but according to new data posted by Facebook, the social media giant has seen a significant spike in video views and uploads that may make it a true challenger to the throne.

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Josiah Renaudin
Social Media at Work: Where Does the True Value Exist?

Even though studies have shown that socially-connected people are more productive at work than those who aren't connected, it is still a fairly common practice for social media applications to be blocked at work. Is social media at work truly valuable, and if so, where does the value show itself?

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Rajini Padmanaban
Twitter’s New Analytics Feature Reveals Your Social Reach

With the introduction of Twitter’s analytics, everyone—not just advertisers or verified users—now has a way to measure the reach of their social media campaigns without cost. This new metrics offering will help people understand their online impact and fine-tune their communication strategies.

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Jennifer Bonine
Why Companies Need to Be Cautious When Using Social Media

With social media comes great responsibility and danger lurking with every post or tweet. In this story, Joe Townsend takes a look at that aspect of social media—when good tweets or posts go bad. In this ever-connected world, companies and individuals run the risk of things running amok.

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Joe Townsend