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Software tester finding bugs The Value of Falling into Software Testing

To become a software tester, there are generally no required degrees or certifications. Consequently, many testers sort of "fall into" the job. But that doesn't mean they won't do outstanding work. Coming from all walks of life and having varied work experiences can help testers find problems no one else can.

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Justin Rohrman
Will This Be a Record Year for Foreign Tech Workers Requesting Visas?

The H-1B US work visa application window that starts on April 1 each year is an anticipated time for many in the global technology marketplace. The visa application process has steadily picked up steam in the past five years, and this is expected to be a record year for the number of applications.

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Mukesh Sharma
Hiring Agile Developers: Three Often-Neglected Skills They Need

We are all aware that there is a great demand for agile developers. So, when you are hiring for your agile team, what qualities do you look for in a candidate? Steve Berczuk explains the often-neglected skills that can help one be an effective agile software developer.

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Steve Berczuk
The Growth of New Job Titles in the Tech World

The more things change, the more they keep changing—at least in the case of new tech titles. Naomi Karten looks at the growth of new job titles in the tech world—like director of cloud transformation, data scientist, and chief agile officer—and what this says about our industry.

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Naomi Karten