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China Challenging Google and Microsoft in OS War

Thanks to a lack of trust in the United States' surveillance policies, China hopes to replace massively popular properties such as Windows and Android as the leading OS in the country, both on mobile and desktop devices. The current target date for release is October.

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Josiah Renaudin
China Bans Microsoft Windows 8 on Government Computers

The relationship between Microsoft and China has been less than ideal for a couple of years now. That relationship took a turn for the worse this week when the Central Government Procurement Center of China announced that installing Windows 8 on Chinese government computers is now officially banned.

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Cameron Philipp...
What Has Changed Since Support for Windows XP Was Retired?

April 8 marked the end of Microsoft's official support for its most successful operating system, Windows XP. However, 25 percent of desktop operating system users still run it, and Microsoft just released a security patch that supports it. What's really changed with XP for developers and testers?

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Mukesh Sharma
Is There Room for a Third Mobile Operating System?

iOS and Android have a dominating presence in the mobile operating system world and in their associated app stores. The market shares for each of them keep varying over time, but the two together have such a strong hold that the question remains: Is there space for a third player?

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Rajini Padmanaban
Microsoft Reveals New Video Demo of Windows 8.1

Microsoft is releasing a slew of noteworthy changes to Windows 8 in what amounts to a significant software update, once codenamed Windows Blue and now called Windows 8.1. Today, the company released a four-and-a-half-minute video tour through some of the update’s notable offerings.

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Beth Romanik
Microsoft Fires Latest Shot in Mobile App War with Google

Microsoft recently took an interesting approach to getting a YouTube mobile app for Windows Phone users—they built their own, and with permissions that Google would never have allowed. How long will Google allow Microsoft's customers access to the app, and do they have room for legal recourse?

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Noel Wurst
Microsoft Admits Windows 8 Faults and Offers Fixes

The reviews of Windows 8 are mixed at best, and Microsoft has impressively (and humbly) admitted that they agree changes to the software are not just warranted but are on their way. Windows 8 was designed for the future, so are its critics simply stuck in the past?

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Noel Wurst
When It Comes to Installing Updates, Don’t Forget Your Desktop

Mobile may be getting all the press these days due to issues raised with third-party app security, but the apps on our desktops and PCs are just as susceptible to viruses and attacks. Protecting your desktop computer is just as simple as protecting your mobile device. You just need to be educated.

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Noel Wurst