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China Bans Microsoft Windows 8 on Government Computers

The relationship between Microsoft and China has been less than ideal for a couple of years now. That relationship took a turn for the worse this week when the Central Government Procurement Center of China announced that installing Windows 8 on Chinese government computers is now officially banned.

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Cameron Philipp...
The Rise of Android on the Desktop

With desktop PC sales plummeting, so has the influence of Microsoft and its Windows operating system. However, as consumers look to an alternative to Windows, it appears that PC makers are turning their attention to the Android OS. Steve Vaughn explores the rise of Android on the desktop.

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Steve Vaughn
Microsoft Reveals New Video Demo of Windows 8.1

Microsoft is releasing a slew of noteworthy changes to Windows 8 in what amounts to a significant software update, once codenamed Windows Blue and now called Windows 8.1. Today, the company released a four-and-a-half-minute video tour through some of the update’s notable offerings.

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Beth Romanik
Is It Time to Get Rid of the Desktop IDE?

Eclipse set the development world abuzz in the fall of 2012 with the release of Orion, its browser-based integrated development environment (IDE). With the big push to move computing to the cloud, is it time to get rid of the desktop IDE?

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Mukesh Chaudhary
The Good, Bad, and the Ugly of Windows 8

Windows 8 has been released and the world did not come to an end, as many think should happen when Microsoft releases a new OS. Joe Townsend takes a look at the reviews of Microsoft's flagship OS, including the good, bad, and, yes, even the ugly.

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Joe Townsend
How Windows 8 Affects Software Testing

The Windows 8 changes that will most affect software testers are the visual updates. Software testers will have to ensure that the program under test works both in the tile system and in the desktop environment, which many people will probably still use.

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Brendan Quinn
Security Update Roundup

With all of the recent reports of banking glitches and security compromises, it’s wise to be prepared for the worst, especially if you need to ensure your data is stored as securely as possible. Here’s a roundup of the week’s most interesting security developments.

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Jonathan Vanian
Testing Tips for Launching a Successful Windows 8 App

There’s a new platform in consumers’ hands. Are you sure your applications and websites are ready?

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Mike Brown