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AgileConnection Topics:

Agile Design & Code

From high-level architecture practices to programming basics, learn software design strategies you can apply to your agile development projects.


Deploy working functionality into production even faster by adding continuous development and continuous integration to your agile processes.

Enterprise Agile Development

Extend and scale your agile processes to meet the requirements unique to enterprise-level software development.

Lean & Kanban

Increase productivity with faster cycle times and improved flow by applying the principles of kanban and lean manufacturing to software development.

People & Teams

From leading retrospectives to forming cross-functional teams, get the knowledge and skills needed for effective people and team management.

Agile Planning

Practical tips and tools for agile project planning, including realistic estimating and scheduling, writing user stories, creating burndown charts, and more.

Agile Process

Implement planning, sprints, and retrospectives to improve your agile processes.

Agile Release Management

Discover how to reduce risk with frequent releases, collaboration, and automation.

Agile Requirements

Create flexible requirements that adhere to agile principles with user stories, epics, and tasks.


This iterative, incremental agile software development framework improves team communication and increases development speed and software quality.

Agile Testing

Find out where software testing fits in the context of an agile workflow.

Agile Transition

Learn proven techniques to introduce agile practices at the enterprise or development level


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