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CMCrossroads Topics:

Agile CM & ALM

Ensure change mechanisms can keep pace with agile development practices and apply agile values to your ALM or software development lifecycle.

ALM & SCM Tools

Find out which tools you need for change management, integration, traceability, and a seamless user interface.

Application Lifecycle Management

Coordinate people, processes, and tools in an integrated lifecycle of repeatable software development activities.

Build Engineering

Use continuous integration to bring consistency, reproducibility, and verifiability to the build and release cycle.

Change Management

Control the identification and implementation of required changes within a computer system.


Apply cloud technology to change management, continuous integration, and continuous deployment.

Continuous Integration

Reduce risk and speed up deliverywith frequent code check ins and continuous automated testing.


Improve collaboration between operations and development teams with a focus on rapid IT service delivery using agile and lean practices.

Environment Management

Provide software test or development platforms an effective, end-to-end management service, including creation, build, upgrade, and support.


Apply continuous integration, testing, and deployment to mobile development.

Release Management

Optimize the development, testing, deployment, and support of software releases.

Version Control

An essential tool for collaborative development teams, version control tracks changes to source code over time to monitor activity and allow deployment of different versions as needed.


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