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TechWell Hub is a free slack community for software professionals where you can engage with others in your topics of interest, ask questions, get answers, or just stay abreast of the latest in the industry. TechWell Hub offers members channels built around areas of interest, industry events, and channels just for fun. Some of the more than 40 channels you will find on the Hub include #DevOps, #Jobs, #Agile, and #Testing.


Benefits of your free TechWell Hub membership:

Real time chat with individuals at all levels of expertise in testing, agile, DevOps, and security

Slack Takeovers with industry experts offering advice and answering questions

Easy access to conference information

Interactive job board with immediate access to job posters

Stay up to date: Keep up with the latest information and innovative software practices

Select TechWell Hub Topics


No matter your level of agile adoption, this is the place to talk agile topics.


Talk about the latest in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and how they affect software engineering.

Agile Leadership

The channel for agile leaders to share ideas, strategies, questions, and conversation.


An automated feed for agile, testing, DevOps, and security blogs.


The channel for anyone involved in secure application development.


Discussion about all things code, application development, software design, and more.


From Mario Cart to WoW, this is a channel for all things gaming.

Women Who Agile

Women Who Agile connects women in the software profession to talk agile.


Discuss the latest in DevOps methods and practices here.

Test Automation

Stay abreast of the latest in test automation frameworks, tools, and more.

Creative Projects

Everything from arts and crafts, to wood working, to graphic design and beyond.


The channel for anyone involved in ensuring software quality.


A channel to keep you up on the latest events, conferences, meetups, web seminars and more in software engineering.


A place for software professionals either posting or looking for a job.

Women Who Test

A gathering place for women responsible for software testing and quality.

TechWell Hub Takeovers

Explore the schedule below and mark your calendar:
Thursday, March 12 | Starting at 10:00am EDT
Mary Poppendieck
Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit
Join Mary Poppendieck in the #agile channel.
Wednesday, April 08 | Starting at 9:00am EDT
DJ Schleen
Best Practices of the DevSecOps Elite
Join DJ Schleen in the #devsecops channel.


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