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Multiple pipelines Using a Multibranch Jenkins Pipeline with Docker

Typically, code for a Docker image is developed using multiple GitHub branches, with each branch being the code for a single Docker image tag. However, having to create and run a Jenkins pipeline for each GitHub branch can be cumbersome. Try a multibranch pipeline to integrate multiple GitHub branches simultaneously.

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Deepak Vohra
Cranes changing building architecture Engineering Architecture Systems for a Faster Build

In the era of continuous integration and continuous deployment, big applications are creating bloated build pipelines. The problem is when code becomes so entangled that every change impacts large portions of the system, meaning there’s a lot to rebuild. If you reshape the code architecture, you can reduce build times.

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Abraham Marin-Perez
DevOps or NoOps: Can You Have Too Much Automation?

Some DevOps thought leaders have been promoting “NoOps,” which is the notion that IT resources can be provisioned in a fully automated way that does not require operations engineers to manage. There have been notable successes with this approach, but also some challenges. Can you have too much automation?

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Bob Aiello
DevOps Begins with Developers

The DevOps movement accelerates the delivery of high-quality features to customers. While that's great, there is a ton of work required to make it happen, with a high change curve to overcome—and perhaps the most critical change is to the way the developer works. Here's why this disruption is necessary.

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Adam Auerbach
What ALM Tool Features Best Support Agile Software Development?

Joe Farah details the key features necessary in application lifecycle management (ALM) tools to make them practical for agile development. At a minimum, agile-friendly ALM tools must support user stories, prioritization, traceability, continuous integration, and metrics for post-iteration analysis.

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Joe Farah
Fear Not, Google Reader Fans: A Coder Developed an Open-Source Clone

On the news that Google Reader, the aggregator of choice for many people's RSS feeds, was retiring, one coder took matters into his own hands and created a veritable clone. He kept the UI basic, posted his code publicly, and invited anyone who'd like to run it to do so—in true open-source fashion.

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Beth Romanik
Disabled Duck Walking Again with New 3D-Printed Foot

Buttercup the duck was born with a backward foot that eventually had to be amputated. In searching for a replacement foot, his caretaker had the idea to fit the duck with a 3D-printed prosthetic. A printing company cast a 3D mold to make a silicone foot, and today, Buttercup is waddling happily.

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Beth Romanik
Apple’s New iOS 7 Borrows Heavily from Other Systems and Apps

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, several mobile operating systems and third-party apps should’ve been feeling pretty flattered after Apple revealed the forthcoming iOS 7 at its WWDC keynote. Much of iOS 7’s look, features, and user interface is giving people déjà vu.

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Beth Romanik