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DevOps Begins with Developers

The DevOps movement accelerates the delivery of high-quality features to customers. While that's great, there is a ton of work required to make it happen, with a high change curve to overcome—and perhaps the most critical change is to the way the developer works. Here's why this disruption is necessary.

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Adam Auerbach
How Netflix Handles DevOps, Automation, and Security

With code being deployed thousands of times per day, DevOps is Netflix’s best option. It’s a high-speed approach for a high-speed service in a high-speed industry, but with it comes various security risks. Jason Chan, a cloud security architect, looked to automation to solve any issues.

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Josiah Renaudin
What ALM Tool Features Best Support Agile Software Development?

Joe Farah details the key features necessary in application lifecycle management (ALM) tools to make them practical for agile development. At a minimum, agile-friendly ALM tools must support user stories, prioritization, traceability, continuous integration, and metrics for post-iteration analysis.

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Joe Farah
The Differing Points of View about CM

Although we have entered a new year, the arguments over the role of configuration management (CM) in organizations have not abated and have now morphed into a product CM versus enterprise CM dilemma. Joe Townsend explains the differing points of view and why we should care.

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Joe Townsend
Software CM: Thirty-Five Years Later

Thirty-five years later and where are we in regards to software configuration management? Joe Farah takes us back to the late 1970s and compares the past with the present. If you look at a typical shop today, progress has actually gone backwards.

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Joe Farah
Tips for Effective Traceability in Software CM

Traceability provides the means to ensure that a product is correctly packaged and deployed. Joe Farah shares some tips that will help your team recognize proper traceability in order to keep track of and use data more efficiently when building a software product.

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Joe Farah
Will IBM Be Knight Capital's White Knight?

After the software glitch that resulted in a $440 million trading loss, Knight Capital Group tapped IBM for help in assessing the financial firm’s existing software and systems development practices. Will IBM be Knight Capital's white knight and help prevent these problems from occurring again?

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Bob Aiello
How Automation Benefits Agile Technical Practices

Automation is an important aspect of agile technical practices. Automated builds, testing, and deployment enable developers to implement features and refactor to improve code quality with confidence. So, is there any reason to be skeptical about the benefits of automation?

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Steve Berczuk