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Java and C++ Hit New Popularity Lows

Programming languages Java and C++ have fallen to their lowest popularity ratings in the past fifteen years. What could be causing these princes of programming to fall from grace? What does their decline in rule mean for developers? Read on to find out.

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Project Panama Unites Java and C/C++

A proposal known as Project Panama is gaining a lot of support on the Internet by way of an open-source Java mailing list. The effort would provide Java programmers the ability to access non-Java application programming interfaces, including other popular interfaces used by C/C++ programmers.

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The New Foreign Language: Computer Programming?

Spanish or JavaScript? This is a question public school students in the US could be asking themselves as they choose their future courses. In several states, government officials are pushing to have programming languages count for a student's foreign language requirements.

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What New Programming Languages Should You Learn This Year?

Regardless of whether your New Year’s resolution is going strong or you’ve ditched it for something else, it's never too late to learn new skills. With a new year should come a new dedication to learning programming languages. Read on to see what programming language you should learn in 2014.

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Which Programming Language Is the Most Popular, and Does It Matter?

Most of us are drawn to the results of popularity contests, whether we value the results of them or not. When it comes to judging the popularity of programming languages, the arguments tend to get pretty heated. But why? Does the popularity of a certain language really matter?

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Memory Leaks—Coding Errors or Omissions with Consequences

A memory leak is a coding error or omission with serious consequences. Memory leaks can be found in all programming languages and all types of applications. The question is—How do you find them? Brendan Quinn looks at some of the methods and tools available to developers and testers.

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Brendan Quinn
Three Tough Decisions Developers Face

Software development is still a fairly young profession. As technology continues to change, so does the act of development. Here is some insight into the difficulty presented by an everchanging profession.

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Katherine Slattery
Google’s Go—A Scalable Programming Language

Chuck Allison shares his thoughts on the newly released Google Go programming language, which is a lightweight, systems programming language designed with concurrency, scalability, and the web in mind.

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Chuck Allison