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The ScrumMaster Certification Debate: Good or Bad for Agile?

CSM certification has become popular, but it is not without controversy in agile circles. There has been not only debate about whether it's just a moneymaker for trainers, but also questions about the validity of the title and what it says about actual ability. Where do you stand in the debate?

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Peter Vaihansky
What Does "Real" Passion Look Like in Software Development?

Passion is one of the most widely claimed and required traits for testers and developers alike—but what does "real" passion look like? What are those who are truly passionate doing with their dedication to their trade? Some keep it to themselves, while others use it to the benefit of all.

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Noel Wurst
The Debate over Software Testing Certification Heats Up

David Greenlees writes on the latest debate over software testing certification. Keith Klain, head of the Global Test Center at Barclays, and Rex Black, a recognized software testing consultant, got into a heated debate on Twitter about the validity of certification exam results.

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David Greenlees
What Is a True Agile Coach?

Obtaining a Scrum or agile certification typically does not require that a person learn the fundamental differences between coaching, facilitation, and mentoring. This lack of understanding is reducing the quality of coaching to our customers.

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Venkatesh Krish...
Do Testers and Software QA Engineers Need Technical Skills?

The debate is heating up again. Do testers need technical skills in order to be effective? Do they need to be technical testers? David Greenlees attempts to define a "technical tester" and whether or not testers really need to know how to code.

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David Greenlees
Need for Mobile App Developers Outpaces Number of Job Candidates

The job market has never been better for those in the mobile application development field, but hirers aren't taking just anyone. Learn why the need is so great for developers, and how to take advantage of the great opportunities currently out there.

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Noel Wurst
An Interview with Rapid Software Testing Trainer Paul Holland

Paul Holland is a recognized Rapid Software Testing trainer and a proponent of context-driven testing. See what Paul has to say about being a successful tester in any situation, testing career paths, and testing certifications.

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Jamie Saine
Which CM Certification Is Best?

A common question CM professionals ask themselves is which CM certification is best, given the many choices, including certifications from the NDIA to the CMII. Joe Townsend investigates different CM certifications and provides some insight as to which certification is best for CM professionals.

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Joe Townsend