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Calculating the Cost of Failure

What is the cost to your business of an outage due to a major bug? Usually it's calculated as mean time between failures multiplied by mean time to recovery. But what if you could deploy to a limited number of users and monitor effects? Then the equation includes a third variable: number of users impacted.

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Matt Heusser
Are Your Metrics Causing Unintended Consequences?

When you collect metrics that involve people, it will change the way they behave—but not always for the better. Attaching numbers to how people work often makes them perform their work differently. Every time you gather metrics, you should try to analyze what the unintended consequences could be.

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Rick Craig
Heartbleed Bug Bypasses Web Encryption, Exposing Personal Data

A significant security vulnerability called Heartbleed could allow hackers to gain access to private keys and other highly sensitive information on many widely visited websites. The problem is in the most popular software used to encrypt web communications—and the flaw has existed since 2011.

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Beth Romanik
The US Government's Configuration Management Problems

Joe Townsend probes the news and finds several stories detailing the US government's problems with configuration management. According to Joe, the defense industry and government agencies should be able to improve if they follow their own standards and directives.

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Joe Townsend
What Does It Really Cost to Fix a Software Defect?

Bonnie Bailey writes that confirmation bias leads us to throw out the critical thinking needed to determine if the “average cost to fix one defect” metric, which is what we really have to figure out to get the data points for the Boehm curve, is really even a valid metric in the first place.

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Bonnie Bailey
Book Review: Discover to Deliver—Agile Product Planning and Analysis

Discover to Deliver—Agile Product Planning and Analysis, Ellen Gottesdiener's and Mary Gorman's book, is for software teams that are good at creating software but struggle to create the right value. The authors show techniques to help you adapt to the specific delivery method you're using.

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Janet Gregory
Software Testers—Are You Effective Bug Advocates?

Bug advocacy goes beyond bug reports and has more to do with what happens outside the realm of a defect tracking system. Anuj Magazine looks at the skills needed to be an effective bug advocate: ability to convey bad news, influential work relationships, and a positive influence on stakeholders.

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Anuj Magazine
How to Test Mobile Websites

In today’s marketplace you absolutely will lose visitors if your website doesn’t have a mobile version. Here are some quick tips and tools to help you create the perfect mobile-optimized website.

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Jamie Saine