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Generative AI: Pushing Software Development Forward? Generative AI: Pushing Software Development Forward?

Generative AI is fundamentally changing software development by automating tasks and improving code quality, but developers need to be aware of its limitations and biases.

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Adam Sandman
Exploring the Features of CodeWhisperer and Its Role in the Future of Coding Exploring the Features of CodeWhisperer and Its Role in the Future of Coding

Learn how Amazon CodeWhisperer is uniquely designed to help you develop better code faster, improve security, protect your privacy, and strengthen—not threaten—your career as a coder.

Wrangling API Security Amid Rapid Growth Wrangling API Security Amid Rapid Growth

APIs are an open attack vector for an organization's network and data. Here are some best practices to secure APIs and test them more thoroughly.

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Ross Moore
Layers of an onion slice The Layers in the Test Automation Journey

Test automation is not just a bunch of automated scripts to be written and handed off. The scripting process, though important, is just an inner layer embedded deep within the whole. There are several more layers that are important in showcasing the true value of the automated scripts. You need to understand all layers.

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Rajini Padmanaban
Group of game pieces with one left behind Leave No Tester Behind

Creating comprehensive automated tests within a sprint can be a challenge. If the testers don't finish the automation and the rest of the team moves on, testers get left behind and can't catch up. You need some techniques to keep everyone together and ensure that all essential work is accomplished—including test automation.

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Hans Buwalda
Laptop with icons for multiple web browsers Comparing 4 Top Cross-Browser Testing Frameworks

The market is flooded with cross-browser testing frameworks, with more options than ever before. How should you decide which option is best to test your application for compatibility with different web browsers? Let’s take a look at four of the top open source solutions today and compare their benefits and drawbacks.

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Eran Kinsbruner
Adam Sandman The Evolution of Modern Testing: A Slack Takeover with Adam Sandman

Thought leaders from the software community are taking over the TechWell Hub to answer questions and engage in conversations. Adam Sandman, director of technology at Inflectra, hosted this Slack takeover and discussed the main challenges testers face today, what modern users expect, and how to approach test automation.

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Owen Gotimer
Code on a computer screen Pros and Cons of Codeless Test Automation

To create automated tests for software applications, testers have historically needed to be able to code in programming languages. Codeless testing eliminates the need for scripting from scratch every time, but in addition to its advantages, there are also some drawbacks. Is codeless automation right for your team?

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Kuldeep Rana