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Improving Application Testability

Automating functional testing is almost never easy. As testers, how we organize and design tests has a big impact on outcomes, but developers can—and should—have a role in making automation easier. This ease or lack of ease is part of what is known as "testability."

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Hans Buwalda
Is Environment Maintenance a Detriment to Product Delivery?

In the rush to build more, faster, many companies spend more time on environment maintenance and less time on actual product learning and validation. Joel Tosi argues that instead of rushing into automation and virtualization, start by rethinking your approaches to your environments and testing.

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Joel Tosi
Ben Simo Presents The Power of an Individual Tester at STARWEST 2014

In this STARWEST 2014 keynote, Ben Simo shares his experience with HealthCare.gov, the issues he found, and lessons testers can learn from the website's failures. He digs into everything he had to do to discover the many flaws of the government website.

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Josiah Renaudin
Scalability in Automated Testing

To scale automated functional testing for large, complex systems, you need to look at the design of the tests, how to organize the process, how the various players cooperate, the software's testability and stability—and, importantly, management's commitment. Hans Buwalda shares some testing tips.

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Hans Buwalda
What Has Changed Since Support for Windows XP Was Retired?

April 8 marked the end of Microsoft's official support for its most successful operating system, Windows XP. However, 25 percent of desktop operating system users still run it, and Microsoft just released a security patch that supports it. What's really changed with XP for developers and testers?

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Mukesh Sharma
Feature Trimming: What Developers and Testers Need to Keep in Mind

A new trend in development is feature trimming, with a renewed focus on building simple products with a core set of features. Just as feature additions need to be tested thoroughly, feature removals also need to be tested. Read on for ideas about what developers and testers should keep in mind.

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Mukesh Sharma
How Agile Prevents Software Decay

All of us have been in the situation where fixing a single issue can produce several other defects. Agile embraces continuous design changes and code refactoring to meet challenges from emerging requirements. This inherently promotes practices that prevent software decay.

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Mukesh Chaudhary
Are You Ready for Wearable Computing?

Wearable computing isn’t a new concept, but as we watch newer wearable products enter the market, it's interesting to see what this means to testers. Rajini Padmanaban looks at the core factors in the success of a wearable computing product and how they affect testers and their testing efforts.

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Rajini Padmanaban