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Mad about Containers

What is all the fuss about containers, the latest open source technology spearheaded by startup darling Docker? Are containers poised to be the next best thing in cloud application development, and if so, what about Docker’s competitors?

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Beth Cohen
The Importance of Holistic Design for Successful Products

Mukesh Chaudhary explores why users seem to believe that Google Search and iPhones are more useful than other similar products. It can be concluded that the overall user experience plays a big role in the success of a product as well as a well-thought-out holistic design.

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Mukesh Chaudhary
Mobile Drives Bottom Line Growth for Business

There’s a thin line between success and failure in the modern economy. Lately, that difference is increasingly tied to technology and a company’s willingness (and ability) to adopt it. The most obvious example today is that of mobile applications.

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Katherine Slattery
Testing Apple Maps—A Lesson for a New Generation

Now that the furor of Apple's buggy release of Apple Maps has subsided a little, it is time to review what happened. Obviously the application needed more time to be ready, but more importantly, what lessons can the new generation of application developers and testers take away from this debacle?

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Brendan Quinn