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Pipelines, photo by Bernard Hermant Testing Your DevOps Is Just as Important as Testing Your Software

Many DevOps engineers fail to test their automation code in the same way they test the software they deploy. It's crucial for software to have tests, and this should apply to infrastructure-as-code software too, if we plan to change and improve this code with no worries about breaking automation in our DevOps pipeline.

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Alan Crouch
When Is the Right Time to Transition to Agile?

There are numerous benefits that organizations may reap from an agile environment. The path to achieving these advantages will have some challenges, but there's nothing that can't be overcome with a little planning and answering the question: When is the right time to transition to agile?

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Sanjay Zalavadia
DevOps or NoOps: Can You Have Too Much Automation?

Some DevOps thought leaders have been promoting “NoOps,” which is the notion that IT resources can be provisioned in a fully automated way that does not require operations engineers to manage. There have been notable successes with this approach, but also some challenges. Can you have too much automation?

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Bob Aiello
How Netflix Handles DevOps, Automation, and Security

With code being deployed thousands of times per day, DevOps is Netflix’s best option. It’s a high-speed approach for a high-speed service in a high-speed industry, but with it comes various security risks. Jason Chan, a cloud security architect, looked to automation to solve any issues.

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Josiah Renaudin
Automation and Ethics: The Human Side of Technology

Automation technology is becoming more prevalent, and while it brings convenience, it also introduces some moral quandaries. Someone has to decide what the devices will do when things go wrong. What are the ethical responsibilities of software developers and testers working on these projects?

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Heather Shanholtzer
NASA SPHERES Sending Google Technology to Space

NASA and space exploration just became more like something out of the realm of science fiction—and Google played a role in it. Beginning in October, NASA's satellites known as SPHERES will begin to incorporate Google’s Project Tango technology in an effort to help NASA increase overall efficiency.

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Cameron Philipp...
NSA Automating Systems Administrator Jobs after Security Leak

In the wake of Edward Snowden’s revealing classified information, the National Security Agency has announced it will significantly reduce its workforce to cut down on the number of people with access to confidential data. The agency plans to automate 90 percent of its systems administrator duties.

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Beth Romanik
Performing Effective Automated Acceptance Testing

Software development teams that want to automate their regression testing suites may wonder if there is any way to see the forest for the trees regarding their numerous story tests. Kent McDonald explains how to perform effective automated acceptance testing amidst all the noise.

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Kent J. McDonald