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Software professionals at a table with assorted laptop computers The 4 C’s of Business Success

Business success in the software world depends on many factors, but certain tactics apply whether the company is large or small, in a niche or a wide market. Organizations should focus on these four components—customers, competition, content, and creativity—to craft a smart strategy for success.

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Martha Jameson
Don’t Misinterpret the Absence of Customer Complaints

Beware: The absence of customer complaints doesn’t necessarily mean customers are happy. Complaints are a critical indicator of the state of customer satisfaction, so an increase in the number, type, intensity, or urgency of complaints bears examination—but so does a decrease. Read on to learn why.

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Naomi Karten
The Many New Forces Driving Who Becomes Your Next CIO

This is a fascinating time to observe the role of CIO due to the many important forces simultaneously driving CIO selection criteria in different directions. The combination of data security and new IT trends may lead to the hiring of CIOs with a tech background first and business knowledge second.

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Eric Bloom
How User-Generated Content Is Powering Businesses

Businesses powered on user-generated content are able to reach the market faster than most other traditional forms of business. But getting users to generate content is not always an easy task. Read on to learn what practices help generate positive reviews, and how can you use them productively.

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Mukesh Sharma
The Project Manager-Business Analyst Relationship: When Roles Collide

In some organizations, the project manager and business analyst roles are played by different people, and in others, one person performs both. The two roles require different skill sets, so it's important for both people to collaborate—or for the one person doing both to compartmentalize actions.

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Joy Beatty
Using Social Media to Better Your Business

Online social identity is almost a necessity these days, and companies are reaping the benefits of using social media to connect with customers. Rajini Padmanaban highlights John Legere, TMobile CEO, and his success with using social media to connect first-hand with users.

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Rajini Padmanaban
Venture Capital Investments Soar in the Software World

Venture capitalists have been the backbone supporting the growth of the software sector through the years and have helped take technology to new domains. The community was hit by the dotcom bubble, but venture capital funding now is soaring to 2011 levels. This is great news for fund seekers.

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Mukesh Sharma
Is a Mobile Site Enough for Your Business or Should You Have an App?

It’s worth the time and cost to design a mobile site for your customers' convenience. But is it worth it to go one step further—to create an app? Apps require more investment and new marketing channels, but they could bring in new customers or help you manage the ones you have. Let's consider.

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Beth Romanik