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Person test-driving on a simulator Software Features to Avoid in a Production Environment

When developing an application, it’s best practice not to use certain software features in a production environment. These include features related to programming language, the OS, the database, a framework, a web or application server, or a tool. You have to consider the production setup to avoid bugs or server crashes.

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Deepak Vohra
A feature branching strategy Feature Branching Is Not Evil

Some people believe branching and pull requests are inherently bad. True, branching done poorly can slow down a team, but advocating for avoiding branching altogether can lead you to ignore the more important goal of an agile process: rapid integration of changes. First, make sure you're considering the right metrics.

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Steve Berczuk
On-off switch Using Feature Flags to Boost Testing and Deployment

A feature flag is a configuration setting that lets you turn a given feature on or off. There is no need for a feature to be complete before you can start testing—as soon as the first piece of code is merged, you can turn the flag on in your test environment and begin. This also reduces risk. Do you use feature flags?

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James Espie
When Designing New Features, Know Thy User

The next time you’re designing an “awesome” new feature, take a step back and think, awesome for whom? Is this the kind of feature that will be understood and enjoyed by your target users? Or should you rethink how it might be perceived by your audience? When it comes to design, you have to know your users.

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Matt Heusser