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What Has Happened to Serena Software?

Joe Townsend writes on the recent news of private equity firm Silver Lake's attempt to sell off Serena Software. According to Joe, the future does not bode well for this one-time industry leader.

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Joe Townsend
Apple Announces 45 Billion Apps Downloaded, $9 Billion to Developers

Apple announced in its Q2 earnings call to investors this week that app downloads have passed the 45 billion milestone, only four months after hitting the 40 billion mark in January. To date, the company has paid out to developers more than $9 billion—half of that in the last year alone.

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Beth Romanik
Can RIM Make a Comeback with the BlackBerry 10?

Can Research in Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry smartphone make a comeback with its newest release, dubbed BlackBerry 10? Joe Townsend rounds up what the tech media is saying about RIM, whose writing may be on the wall.

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Joe Townsend
The Financial System and Biological Suicide

The US financial system has been severally impacted by many outages in recent months. These banking technology glitches have been described as a form of "biological suicide," which highlights the dangers of banks continuing to rely on outdated legacy systems.

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Bob Aiello
Why COBOL Will Never Die

Despite the arrival of newer languages and the transition away from mainframes, COBOL has managed to hang around. One reason it can’t die is that there remains a reported 220 billion lines of COBOL code still in use.

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Naomi Karten
Cyber Attacks: The Effect on CM and QA

This month US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta issued a call to arms over the growing cyber attacks on American banks. Joe Townsend explores how these attacks will affect configuration management professionals and quality assurance dilemmas.

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Joe Townsend
The Biggest Cyber Hacks in Recent Weeks

In this roundup of the biggest cyber hacks in recent weeks, we learn that pacemakers could potentially be set to kill, the UK will not be extraditing an alleged hacker to the US, and Islamist hacktivists are at it again with another take-down of a major bank’s website.

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Jonathan Vanian
SEC Investigations Continue as Firms Retain Experts

The US Securities and Exchange Commission launched a broad investigation involving the technology issues at several major brokerage firms. Bob Aiello explains the investigations as well as what the SEC wants to accomplish.

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Bob Aiello