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Long-exposure shot of cars racing along a highway DevOps Isn’t Just about Releasing Faster

When organizations start moving to DevOps, one of the first things they focus on is automation. It makes sense: Automated deployment tools are easy to explain, and implementing them usually shows value right away. But speed isn’t the only (or even the best) reason to move to DevOps and an automated release pipeline.

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Gene Gotimer
Graphic of cloud-connected devices 4 Reasons to Use Cloud Testing for Digital Transformation

Cloud computing makes data access more reliable and efficient, with less administration effort required, so testing in the cloud can accelerate your digital transformation. This helps guarantee quality and decrease time to market. Here are four more reasons to consider cloud testing for your digital transformation.

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Ray Parker
Pipelines, photo by Bernard Hermant Testing Your DevOps Is Just as Important as Testing Your Software

Many DevOps engineers fail to test their automation code in the same way they test the software they deploy. It's crucial for software to have tests, and this should apply to infrastructure-as-code software too, if we plan to change and improve this code with no worries about breaking automation in our DevOps pipeline.

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Alan Crouch
Keeping One Step Ahead of Cloud Hackers

Cloud systems are tempting targets for hackers because a single successful breach can steal information from multiple companies. To keep one step ahead of hackers, you need to understand what you can protect, where you might lose visibility, and where you need to apply extra security assurance.

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Nazar Tymoshyk
Consider Unleashing Sharks to Test Internet Reliability

Google recently invested $300 million in an undersea cable system that helps with the transmission of Internet data from the west coast of the United States to two cities in Japan. But Google is faced with an unexpected challenge—not from its usual competitors Apple and Facebook, but from sharks.

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Anuj Magazine
Cloud Storage Isn't Always the Right Answer

Not every company needs to take all of its valuable data and move it directly to the cloud. Although this computing technology comes with a host of benefits for both big and small organizations, there are a few key reasons why physical storage is still a smart option.

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Josiah Renaudin