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Apple’s New ResearchKit Turns iPhones into Tools for Medical Studies

Apple unveiled a new biomedical platform called ResearchKit, an iOS framework that will let people opt in to join medical research studies. Volunteers can use their Apple devices to participate in various tests, and the information will be shared with medical research institutions to find cures.

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Beth Romanik
FDA Won’t Regulate “Low Risk” Medical Devices

It’s expected that a product such as a left ventricular assist device that helps maintain the pumping ability of a heart comes under the scrutiny of the FDA. But should wearables for healthcare that simply record heart rates and sleep cycles be regulated as medical devices?

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Pamela Rentz
Is the FDA Ready to Regulate Mobile Medical Apps?

With the growing adoption of mobile technologies for health care delivery, the FDA has proposed regulating mobile medical applications. Even though the FDA issued preliminary guidance in 2001, final guidance has not yet been delivered.

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Pamela Rentz
How Agile Impacts Healthcare

The topic of healthcare is complex and breeds strong opinions on a variety of fronts. The one universal fact all parties agree on is that the state of healthcare IT is terrible. However, agile software methodology, with its focus on flexibility and speed, can change the face of healthcare IT.

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Steve Vaughn
How to Keep Big Data on Mobile Devices Secure in 2013

Mobile devices are a great way for employees to rapidly access, send, and receive company data. As more and more companies and even government organizations move toward BYOD and business apps, now is the time to make sure that your employees know how to protect that information.

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Noel Wurst
FDA Looking to Regulate Medical Apps

With the growing popularity of mobile medical apps, some of which are designed for critical health-monitoring tasks, the Food and Drug Administration is considering some form of regulation.

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Jonathan Vanian