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Prioritize Testing Tasks by Prioritizing Your Audiences

The solution to prioritizing work is a matter of prioritizing audiences. A tester’s work has an audience: users, coworkers, and bosses. Testing is a service we provide to each audience, so it is important to know which audience is at the top of the "make happy" list.

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Bonnie Bailey
Performing Effective Automated Acceptance Testing

Software development teams that want to automate their regression testing suites may wonder if there is any way to see the forest for the trees regarding their numerous story tests. Kent McDonald explains how to perform effective automated acceptance testing amidst all the noise.

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Kent J. McDonald
Who Are Our Users—Actually?

Dr. Genevieve Bell is an anthropologist working at Intel. Her keynote at the 2012 Commonwealth Broadcasting Association Conference touched on where she thinks technology is going, who our users actually are, and in what context they use our products.

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Rick Scott