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Person on a skateboard When Transitioning to Agile, Let Value Be Your Guide

When making a transition to agile, it’s important to get a common understanding of what you’re trying to do, of how things are currently done, and of the definition of done. In a value stream analysis, you can identify where major chunks of time are being spent (and why), and then start prioritizing based on value.

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Owen Gotimer
Hand holding a camera lens focusing on faraway mountains Agile and DevOps Bring the Focus Back on Quality

As companies move to agile and DevOps, silos are coming down and there is more interaction and collaboration among teams. Quality is also becoming everyone's responsibility for the entire software development lifecycle. Quality is more than just testing: Consider a quality value stream along the overall value chain.

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Michael Sowers
Optimizing Testing: Moving Faster without Compromising Quality

At some point as a tester, you’ve probably been urged by management to reduce the amount of time required for testing without compromising product quality. How can you possibly do that? Weighing the added value and relative importance of each testing task can help you optimize your testing strategy.

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Tariq King
Nine Tips to Demystify the Art of Selling Testing Services

Selling testing services can seem daunting, but it can be extremely rewarding if well planned. You just need preparation, confidence, and persuasion. Read on for nine tips that will go a long way toward ensuring success in testing presale activities and large testing center of excellence pursuits.

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Deepika Mamnani
Remember: Your Goal Is to Solve Your Customers' Problems

Steve Berczuk reminds us that while estimation, process, and technical skill are essential to delivering value to a customer in a cost-effective way, they are just means to your primary goal of solving problems.

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Steve Berczuk
Why Is Configuration Management Important?

Joe Townsend explains configuration management's importance to an organization. As CM managers, we can sometimes get so deep into the details of what we do that we struggle to answer the simple questions for our user base.

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Joe Townsend
The Value of Developer Testing in Software

Developer testing is a great way to improve the quality of your code and deliver more reliably. However, our intuitions about the relative value of testing are often wrong. Only by gaining experience writing tests will you be able to learn which tests really add value.

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Steve Berczuk
How Waste Impacts Software Delivery

Constant delays at the Brisbane Airport in Australia cost airlines $75 million last year. This hefty cost is not adding any value to the airlines or to the passengers. Venkatesh Krishnamurthy relates this news of financial waste to what he sees as a software delivery coach.

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Venkatesh Krish...