The challenges of developing and testing in the new digital frontier of Internet of Things are sometimes unique. The IoT Dev + Test conference focuses specifically on developing and testing for IoT and embedded systems. You will have the opportunity to learn from experts in the field where the future of IoT is headed and how to position yourself to be a part of this revolution.

IoT Dev Test
April 24 - April 28, 2017
San Diego, CA
Westin San Diego

The IoT Dev + Test Conference features:

Half- and full-day tutorials to allow you to dive deep into topics

Keynotes from world-renowned speakers who will inspire and motivate you

Pre-conference training classes, including Agile Tester Certification and Mobile Application Testing

Network opportunities to allow you to expand your peer network, meet new business contacts, and engage with industry-leading speakers

Conference sessions on major development and testing issues and solutions

The Mobile Dev + Test and IoT Dev + Test Conference Expo, featuring the latest in mobile, smart, and IoT technologies, software, and tools from top industry providers

IoT Dev + Test Conference Topics

Smart Home and Office Apps

Learn about the latest technologies that enable you to make inanimate objects "intelligent."

Enterprise IoT

Understand the specific challenges and rewards of organizations with IoT-based business models.

Designing Software for IoT

Explore the specialized nature of designing applications for the intersection of the digital and physical world.

Future of the Internet of Things

Probe into where the IoT is going and how to position yourself to be a part of this revolution.

Wearable Technology

Learn strategies to develop, optimize, and maintain wearable applications and their associated mobile apps.

Embedded Systems Development

Discover the latest in developing for embedded systems—no matter the level of complexity.

IoT Testing and Performance

Learn the aspects of IoT functional and performance testing that differ from traditional web or mobile apps.

APIs for IoT devices

Dive into the world of developing and testing APIs for for IoT applications and devices.

IoT Technology

See the newest technologies that are lending themselves to the evolution of the Internet of Things.

IoT and DevOps

Examine how the integration of IT operations and development affect the process of development for the Internet of Things.

Big Data and IoT

Discover how the IoT is triggering the continued growth of big data as sensors continue to spread across the world.

Embedded & IoT Security

Learn to reduce vulnerabilities and better protect the software on embedded devices and the Internet of Things.

Who Should Attend

Software architects

QA managers & analysts

Test practitioners & engineers

IT directors & CTOs

Software & test managers

Development managers

Mobile designers

Project managers & leads

Sofware developers & engineers