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What's in the Winter 2017 Issue of Better Software Magazine?

The first issue of our nineteenth volume of Better Software magazine has a new simplified and modern look. We've been planning this design overhaul for months—I guess you could say we applied UX principles to the magazine.

And I'm pleased to say that our content just gets better and better.

Most of us have experienced “bricked” systems after a system software update fails. Thom Denholm’s article featured on the cover, “Reducing the Risk of Failed System Updates,” is an eye-opening read. Who would have imagined that reliability starts with the underlying file system? This is especially true with IoT systems and embedded devices.

I've been responsible for organizational transformations in the past, and it is never easy. Just training the staff on agile principles and hiring a consultant isn't enough. Kirk Botula believes that a performance model approach works best. Kirk, the CEO of the CMMI Institute, shows techniques that work in “Helping Organizations Scale Agile across the Enterprise.”

This issue has two wonderful articles on quality. Sherri Sobanski’s article, “Alternate Testing Models: A Tale of Veggies and Precious Gems,” finds the magic formula to achieve product quality. And have you wondered how early integration and strong collaboration can help deliver projects earlier? Justin Rohrman’s “Testing as a Development Catalyst: Accelerate Project Delivery” shows you how.

Johanna Rothman gives some great advice on how to avoid working on too many assignments with her insightful “Saying No to More Work.” Last, but not least, ScrumMasters can sharpen their leadership skills by reading Joshua Dawson’s “Achieving Success through Servant Leadership.”

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