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What's in the Spring 2018 Issue of Better Software Magazine

Cover of the Spring 2018 issue of Better Software magazine


The Spring 2018 issue of Better Software magazine is now available, and it's got a great mix of foundational basics and cutting-edge techniques.

Our featured cover article is Patrick Turner’s “DevOps and the Culture of Code.” He emphasizes that organizational culture must shift to embrace continuous DevOps operations. Without management attention to ensure total transparency, this is not a natural transition. According to Patrick, it all starts with effective source code management.

Service virtualization is taking off, and, according to Alexander Mohr, testing requires special considerations. One of its key benefits is that simulation is an enabler for greater test coverage. He walks you through the entire testing lifecycle in “Test-Driven Service Virtualization.” It takes considerable effort to plan for the endless test cases required to ensure proper enterprise app simulation. A common issue in the use of service virtualization is to delay preparation until too late in the software development lifecycle. If your organization is toying with the idea of service virtualization, you'll want to read Alexander's insightful article.

As our industry has embraced a more lean, agile approach to project management, you are going to enjoy Brian Rabon’s “Scrum: Back to Basics.” In just a few pages, Brian walks you through the iterative phases and key roles throughout a Scrum project. The power of working in a Scrum project is highlighted by the conversations expected to take place every step of the way. Even though I’ve practiced leading Scrum teams for years, I learned a few key tidbits in this visual "walkabout." The clever graphics show how easy Scrum processes and roles are. Hopefully, you'll want to share this article with coworkers and management.

Justin Rohrman, a frequent contributor to “Technically Speaking,” has a unique perspective in “Building a Test Automation Strategy.” He states that a layered approach to testing can be far more effective than simply automating all of your manual tests. To explore roles in test development, Justin answers the question of who is best to create testing code within your organization.

And as billions of intelligent small devices continue to expand the internet of things enterprise, you’ll want to avoid the testing pitfalls explained in Rama Anem’s “The Unspoken Truth about IoT Test Automation." Because the IoT combines intricate hardware with specific embedded-control software, the approach you should take for testing needs special consideration. IoT testing depends on wildly divergent infrastructure, other devices, and its operating environment. This results in a greater count and complexity of test scenarios—a perfect case for test automation.

We truly value your feedback. Let us and our authors know what you think of the articles by leaving your comments. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we enjoy working with these wonderful authors.

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